Hot Cam, how's this sound?


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Designed especially for the small sixes with modified (increased) carburetion. Specifically the OZ heads, Offy triples, and large duces as they offer more CFM than most shelf cams were designed to handle. Dual pattern for better exhaust capabilities. Available thru FordSix Performance Parts only. Cost $130 for the shaft only, but can supply lifters upon request.

Adv 268/274, 208/218 @ .50, .453/480 lift, 108° lobe centers.

good vacuum, lopey idle, RPM range 1500-5800, can run higher compression due to smaller lobe centers (lowers cylinder pressure) they recommend minimum 9.4 CR, suggest 2000-2400rpm stall with auto trans. and a minimum of 3.20 rear gears (preferably 3.50). Durations were kept low to maintain low end torque, lobe centers give more midrange, higher lift yields better overall and top end power. Said the cam should work really sweet for a daily performance driver.

I can have these ground to any specs I want, so if you want to make changes, feel free to e-mail me with what you want. If I order on Monday, I can have it by Friday. They are working on a Hotter shaft for more top end performance and for use with manual trannys only. Have also requested a cam that is a bit milder for those of you who are so inclined. Remember, these shafts are being designed to optimize the additional CFMs that we are adding to the intakes, while still maintaining the fairly restrictive exhaust. The idea is to make the most of what we have to work with.

What would that cam do for my setup, runnning a 2v into a mild built 200..... If I was using a 500 cfm Holley as opposed to the smaller one, would that cam give me too much lift using Roller Rockers????

As for the lifters, I am probably changing to oil through lifters and rods so that does not matter much...

Can you get your hands on Oil through lifters and rods to use both this cam and your Rollers?????? That would be sweet.....

Then all I would have to get are the valves and related hardware....

Howdy Mike:

That sounds hot. I like the sound of everything but the lift and fast ramps on the exhaust.

Who makes it? Who's tried it? In a 200? In a 250? Is it available?

Tell us more?

Adios, David

The cam is being made specifically for Ford Six Performance Parts and will be sold exclusively thru my web site. All I can say at the moment is that it is being manufactured by a well known and trusted US manufacturer.

I to was a bit drawn back by the aggressiveness of the exhaust specs. But according to them, it will perform well. Since they are the time proven experts, I am basically leaving it to them. But I did want to hear opinions from the respected voices within this forum before I give the final approval.

There are similar exhaust specs (lift) available in shelf cams such as Cranes 290/300 and Schneider's 300/300 but this camshaft will have less duration to keep the power curve down. The idea is to gain full advantage of the higher CFMs now available via modification, swapping heads, porting, etc. without going too wild (like the 300's). The intakes are similar to the 260-270 shelf cams with the exception of a bit more lift.


Yes, I can supply the 900H lifters and the correct pushrods. I don't have firm prices yet but should have with in the next week or two. I am also working with a valve manufacturer and may have that covered as well.

The cam was specifically designed with your type of setup in mind. The lift should be fine with the 1.65 ratio, but as always with any modification of this scope, will need to be verified at assembly time.
That cam is pretty wild in relation to what I was looking at like a COMP 252H... This is a daily street car for me. What will that cam idle and run like???

Sounds interesting, keep me in the loop...

BTW Check your E-Mail....
I wish that cam was available when I changed mine. :( 8)
I'm going to be running the Weber 38/38 dges with cliffy headers out through borla mufflers. I'll have a pretty nicely built engine. Would the weber work OK with the cam?

76maveric":2mzhcatu said:
will that be too much for a atto tranny :unsure::

Shouldn't be, but you might want to think of swapping rearend gears.
Just wanted to inform everyone that I editted the begining post with cam characteristics. Hope that info helps.
I am going drag racing with my 200, some street use mayb. Looking at about 6,000 rpm with it

I would wonder if a bit larger cam profile would be better for my engine with Aussie head?
Crosley, We are in the process of designing a cam profile in the 280 range which will give more top end and still be streetable. E-mail me all your specifics if you want one suited to your build. Would need all engine build info, tranny type, rearend gear size, etc.

Maveric, I would say so. ;)
Designed especially for the small sixes with modified (increased) carburetion. Specifically the OZ heads, Offy triples, and large duces
8) i think i would like to see that cam with 110 lobe centers, but otherwise i think it is a good cam for the street, especially in a 250.

elliot that cam would need more carb than stock, i would say at least a 38 dges weber carb would be in order.
kcStanger":1f882d4p said:
I wish that cam was available when I changed mine. :( 8)

KC, I was going to go with an ISKY 262 cam, but now that Mike is getting these…
Is there anything in particular you can say about the ISKY that you like or don’t like with the 2V head?
tcs64i6":1f882d4p said:
mike is my hero
Mine too.
I'm thinking this will be a great addition to my engine build this spring witha Holley 350 CFM, and even better next fall when the triples come together.
The cam would work in a stock motor. It would run out of puff due to carb size, at lower RPMs, compared to its potential otherwise. but the lift increase alone would hop it up.

If you installed in a stock engine, you'd be well advised to change the valve springs and retainers, too.

Regards, Adam.

p.s. Mike, I hope you're working on some decent sized stickers and decals. :LOL:
could I use a multi carb set up like 2 autolite 1100`s or 2 RBS carters ??? oh ya last queston can I use it with the stock egsoust sistem ??
this would be a perfect cam to run in my .40 over , me head dual exhaust holley 2bbl 2300 500 cfm?auto tranny what ever an 83 fairmont came with and a 308 rear end gear 16 in tires
ya mite wan to go down to a 325 gear or a 350 gear with those 16s :)