I think I figured out why I was burning oil


Well...since I pulled the engine out of the car yesterday I started taking a look to see if I could find why it was burning 1 quart of oil every 500-800 miles.

It is one of 2 reasons:
1) Improper application of head gasket...the thing came right off with no problems and had oil under it from the lifter gallery.

2) And more probable: Valves seats. I looked at my valves on the head and half of the seats had lifted up off of the guides.

The block looks to be in great shape. THe cylinder bore is extremelly smooth. Now I'm torn between which block to put back into my engine. The one I know works but burned oil (though if it is the head problem...that will go away) or the one I don't know anything about but was supposedly rebuilt 3-4 years ago.

I hate decisions.


the seals were not properly seated against the guides.

I also found another reason...my bore was just worn out...perfectly shiny sidewalls.

Oh well...glad I got another one

Hardened valve seals, together with worn guides, can suck oil - as has been mentioned.

I'd go the block with the smaller bore - whichever it is. Just because it's smooth, don't trust it! Check for taper and ovalling. And heed the advice of those who suggest bolting on the water pump and use of a torque plate, when boring/honing.

Be sure that the finish grade on the walls is right for the ring type.

Cheers, Adam.