ignition switch replacement



How do I go about replacing the ignition switch in my 65 Fairlane? I have had a recurring problem lately where the ignition switch won't stop trying to turn the engine over even after the engine is started. Does anyone have any advice or links to diagrams that might help me figure out how to replace this switch?
I think you will find a little small hole right next to where you put the key in. With the key in the switch, take a small paper clip and insert it into the tiny hole and turn the key, I believe it's counterclockwise, but it might be clockwise. Remember to unhook the battery when you do this, so as not to engage the starter. Hope this helps.
Disconnect the positive battery terminal, get behind the switch and unscrew/unplug the wires.

I use a 50 thou hex key. Push it in with the key in place, ignition "OFF". Turn past the accessories setting on left, to next (new) stop. The barrel and key will then come out. DO NOT TURN THE KEY AT THIS STAGE! Just put it all aside.

Reach up behind the dash; push the switch forward against its spring pressure. The bezel is a "bayonet" type fitting; push it in from the front also, then turn anticlockwise about ¼", still pushing. It will then come free. But you can't turn it until you've pushed the whole shebang about 3/16" forward from the dash, as it locates in a notch there.

Remove the switch from the back, collecting the spring cup and spring with it.

Of course, it could be a sticky solenoid... :unsure:

Cheers, Adam.
Hey Bedtime, thanks for getting my 221 crank sorted. Hey everyone, Bedtime hepled me out in the Aussie section early this year!!!

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Good luck with the ignition. My old Mistubishi Sigma and current Falcon have both given me key grief... always straight after the birth of a new child. The Sigma got the key jammed out on the roadside and the Falcon wouldn't turn one morning. All at key moments when my wife needed me to look after her newborn... I must be rough!