Lost in Netland & still have ?'s


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Hey, where's all that brainpower??? Hey, I hope I didn't make someone mad with all my ?'s :( I was getting some great info and all the sudden it stopped!?!!? Hey, I still want to build the six and the V8----I want both, that's right I'm a pig, "I want it all!!" I just bought a new engine lift and stand,, hey, I've spent as much on tools as I have this car....Don't leave me hangin' now! Once again here's the chorus line what pitman do I need to hook up the steerin to my central drag..for this 74 mav steering setup.. You remember, I'm converting the 65 mustang I6 to V8.... But now listen closely...I'm leaving this rebuilt 200 in til I wear it out, which I understand will be some time from now...I will build the the V8 and have it on the stand...But man that Mustangeezer has me all excited about this little 200. I plan on grinding that log, trying different carbs and I'm thinking about porting the intake, exhaust...But if that head is off a 65 I want to get a later model for the big valves!! Unless i can open them up on the 65 head to the magic 1.75 and do the multi-angle stuff (whatever that is, sounds like it makes a big difference) Come on man don't leave me now, I spent half the evening the other night listening to the mustangeezer squallin those 14's out of a mean six....Got me all obsessed. :shock:
Sorry I can't help with the steering questions, with both my '68 and '67 being newer and having the same steering parts from I6 to V8 (I have one of each) I just dont know about the early stuff. Seems like "the man" MustangSix did this swap on his '65, maybe you could ask him. When I upgrade I am thinking I want rack and pinion, my old PS is killing me.

However I can tell you that if you want to play with the head on your 200 you will want to buy a newer head. The '65 has a round shape to the log and the newer ones ('69+ I think) have flat topped logs. What that means to you is that you cannot mill the log to mount a 2V directly to it unless you get a newer one.

So find yourself a newer head (preferably one that already has hardened valve seats and the 1.75's. And while you are working on it, you may want to upgrade the exhaust valves, the stockers are 1.38 but I hear you can use intake valves from a 144 (which measure 1.44in go figure) and put in a port divider and mill the head for a 2V directly to it. And last but certainly not least take measurements/tolerance readings and plug them into a CR calculator and then have the new head milled to get the desired Compression Ratio.

Also do not forget to upgrade you ignition. The '65 dizzy uses vacuum only from a special circuit built into the carb and if you change the carb out for a newer/larger one you will need to change the diz also. '68-73 (IIRC) points style have both mechanical and vacuum advance and use pointsj. Then there is the DII setup which has mechanical and vacuum with electronic pickup.

:p Thank you, for your response and I will try to find "mustangsix" is it? I'm as new at this forum business as I am the mustang stuff! I will look for a better head and i think I will try some of that porting that "mustang geezer had on the net on the old one for practice. Right now I've finished with 2 full floor pans and new rear fenders from the door all the way up & back... I've gutted the dash and all the interior except for the drivers seat, steering wheel and headliner, this was all new, except the last guy ripped the drivers side seat and the dash cover slightly. Besides it was black and I wanted the dark and silver blue combo. i haven't quite figured out how to get the chrome pieces out of the dash yet? The last fellow put a Sony am/fm tapedeck in and bent the original hole all out of whack and drilled some extra holes. I've got that lookin pretty good for now anyway. I also have completed the left front wheel well and am getting ready to spray in some self-etching primer, a good semi flat black satin topcoat and some 3M rubberized material to the floor panel and inner splash panel that begins at the door area. The fellow who did my floor floor panels has done all of the bottom all the way back to the trunk area, and I did the engine well while my cousin was finishing the rebuild of what I now know is a 200..... Any suggestions on any other steps or any thing that I haven't thought of yet befor I install my new disk brakes suspension and steering setup will be greatly appreciated. I'll keep lookin back for anyone and everyones ideas/suggestions...Again thanks.
Okay here is what I have found out so far, since I haven't had any luck with the collective knowledge here. The 74 mav steering system may not work if I have to change the pitman....I have looked under all the rocks I could find, NAPA, O'Reilly's, PEP BOYS, Mustangs Unlimited, etc. so forth and so forth. Why do I want the mav suspension? It's so much beefier and except for the pitman seems to line up well...Oh well, I guess I can go with the mighty bushing sleeves from mustang steve..The only question I have now is how is this going to hold up under a 302 v8? I'll have the six in there for quite sometime maybe by the time I get ready to install the V8 there will be a solution. Or maybe I will put in the rack and pinion? I read an article on the net the other day about a guy who found the rack and pinion setup out of a 325i beamer links up pretty well...he's going to update his info as he progresses but it looks good so far.