mounting points



Where might one mount a supercharger off of a 200 block, because I saw the mustang monthly supercharger, but couldn't find any obvious holes.
If your not running power steering, just hook it up to the same postion US Fox Fairmonts and earlier Granadas ran the ancillaries.

In Aussie, a GM 3800 V6 can get an aftermarket Toyota Soarer SC12 super charger, and it has a single top bracket that runs off the front cover of the engine...on the left hand side. Look at air-con pumps and such like, and use their mounts with some extra safe gaurds. The post 76 200/250 stuff is the key!
Has anyone done a Ford small six supercharge setup? I am thinking of doing a similar setup but I don't know whether to use the GM unit or an Eaton from a Ford? ;)