Need tear down...or not to tear down...


I have a 68 200CI that I purchased a few months ago. It has been out of a car and not running for about 6-12 months. I eventually plan to install the Offy intake and cliffy headers to this block. I have all the parts.

I'm just trying to decide if I should tear it down and replace as much as possible (oil pump, water pump, thermostat), pull the head and clean up as much as possible.

Or should I just put it in and see? Any help is greatly appreciated.

It looks to me like you plan on having this engine in for a while and possibly letting it stretch its legs a bit. I think you should go ahead and get at least a rering kit for it, to get a good look at what you have and be sure its 100% before dropping it in. With the mods you plan on making it would be a shame if the thing had a seized up ring or marginal bearings and it had to come back out anytime soon.


On any used engine I at the very least do the following,

Complete tuneup (plugs/wires/etc), new belts, new hoses, new oil pump, new fuel pump, new valve cover gasket, new pcv valve, new flexplate (if automatic trans) and a new water pump.

You're looking $150.00 tops and all the stuff can be transferred over at a later date if you swap again.

My reasoning is that it is a lot easier to do all this stuff on the engine stand rather than inside the car.

Replacing the c-4 flexplate should always be done if you are swapping or rebuilding motors..Ford had a major problem with them either cracking around the crank bolts or cracking around the torque convertor studs.

Hope this helps ;)

A lot of that stuff I had planned on. I'm going to pull my new water pump off my current engine. I'm going to use the new hoses on my current engine. I planed to replace the oil pump and fuel pump and seal up the bottom end really good.

My question really lies into reboring the cylinders? Through the plug holes...I don't see a lot of cross hatch left. Thanks for any info.

8) you wont be able to tell if you need to bore the cylinders untill you get the head off and measure them for taper and roundness.