new head???



What would be a good choice in a new head for a 65 200ci? I am thinking about upgrading to a 2V.
Aussie 2v, if you can get your hands on one!!

otherwise, a 1978 or so 250 from a Granada/Maverick/etc will be a definite upgrade
Howdy 65KCMustang:

If you're talking USA heads then the D7XX casting or later ('77 model year and later 200/250) will give you all the best from Dearborn. Know that you will need to compensate for two differences; chamber volume and gasket thickness. To compensate you will need to mill the late head aprox .075" to maintain stock compression. That's .050" for the difference in chamber volume and another .025 for the difference in gasket thickness. It's best to measure yourself, to be accurate on 30 year old parts, but the above will get you in the ball park.

Be sure to use hardened washer on the head bolts on installation.

Plan to add a three angle performance valve job and an exhaust port divider while you're at it. You'll be glad you did down the road.

Adios, David