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I want to rebuild and tune the peformance of my 200cid falcon motor. What do I want to get for the rebuild and what parts do i want for performance? i want to get some of this stuff used or new off e-bay, but i need to know what i need. I want a fast street car i can take to the drag strip. I am planning on using nitrous oxide, so i want to get a holley carb that will work with a wet nitrous system. So what i want to know, is what cfm carb do i need, what kind of cam am i going to want, what types of pistons, headers, intake etc. I know that some of the things i want , i won't be able to find on ebay, so where else can i find the stuff at a reasonable price, i was looking on the parts site that is linked from here, mustang geezer or something, the prices seemed kind of anyway, if you can point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.


The somewhat common thing to do here is

A adapter from Clifford to run a Holley 5200 carb or a Holley 2300 series 2 bbl carb. Something about 275-350cfm

Ford Tempo 2.3L HSC pistons are a drop in replacement for the stock 200 dished pistons. Custom engine balancing is almost a must. HD rod bolts are recommended but not required.

A performance cam somewhere in the range of 252-264 deg duration with .435-.450 lift would be good.

If you have the money have the heads pocket porrted under valve will give good results, stock valves or around 1.73" intake and 1.55" exhaust would be good. A 3 angle valve job is a minimum.

Good electronic ignition and high energy coil is a must.

And tubular exhaust header and a high flow exhaust with a high flow muffler. If you cant get a header still go with a high flow exhaust. I have stock exhaust maniflod and I could tell the difference with the new exhaust.

Im sure the guys will have stuff to add
Sad but true... You can probably build and custom fit a warm SBC/T400 for less than the cost of a hot six build-up. The six parts are dearer because there are so few people (comparatively) consuming them.

Is your budget a drip-feed or a splurge? Look at a full crossflow install if it's a splurge (these seem to be getting cheaper and cheaper), and if it's a drip-feed, the other guys have it covered.

I know of a bloke who cracked 200RWHP (from memory) with a carbed GM 173 cube Aussie six. So it's possible. Back then in 1986 the buildup cost him $500AUD - about half that for US$.

Cheers, Adam.
Two of the most important mods will be a full port and polish of a 78-83 "big log head" and you will have to modify the intake log to accept a 2 Bbl carb as is described on my website.

Big cam and high compression of at least 10:1 is a must also if it is to be a weekend warrier.

Basically everything I've done to mine which is listed on the front page of my website ;)

Where do you plan on racing at....US 131 Motorsports Park??



The American inline sixes have the intake and exhaust on the same side.

The Australian X-flow or crossflow has the intake on one side and the exhaust on the other. Depending on how the engine is setup it typically lets the engine breath better. Also the Australian x-flow has an aluminum head which is a significant weight reduction. IIRC something around 40lbs less.

If you look at pics of Mustang Six's(Jacks) Mustang it has a Oz crossflow head. Click on the Ford Six icon at top right of the page, go to tech and look for the crossflow chronicles. There are several pics of the crossflow motor in there.

The Ford 2.3L OHC like used in the Pinto, Mustang, and Ranger are an example of a crossflow design.
NO, if i was gonna do an engine swap, i'd put in a 302. But the australian thing is interesting. what performance parts are better from australia.

Also , what kind of ignition should i be looking for on ebay?

If your into inline sixes the good thing about Oz is that with gas so expensive the I6 stayed in favor. It got performance support and they built enough of them that there is a large performance following.

Oz was offering such really kick butt cars like the (IIRC) 265CID inline six Hemi Chargers, Falcon YF?, XF?... something with the 175hp 250-2v motor.

The US seems to have always been obsessed with big V8 engines. I could be wrong but there does not seem to be any SERIOUS development of a high performance 4 cylinder until the early 80's with the Pontiac 151 Iron Duke used in the Fiero, the Dodge 2.2L, and the Ford 2.3L EFI turbos.

The inline six was ignored completely. Clifford is the only company for a very long time that offered performance parts here.
Mike W. (aka "AzCoupe") has pretty much the cream of the Oz performance parts we make. From what you've said, it may be that you don't feel comfortable spending that much on small parts, but want more go.

That being the case, in the long term, maybe you really want a V8.