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I have a 68 mustang with a 200 in it. I may be getting a 250. Will that swap out with no major issues?
Hi 68SixBanger,

Welcome to the forum. I think you will enjoy this site. The 200 to 250 swap is covered quite well in a tech paper in the tech section of this forum. This would be a good place to start.

I searched through that section, and the others and have not really seen much about it. Any help?
8) since the 250 uses the same bellhousing pattern as the 302, you can use trannies from any 302. you just need either a 157 or 164 tooth flywheel or flexplate that is zero balanced. the ring gear need to match the bellhousing for proper starter engaugement. you also need the chassis mounts from a 250 maverick as they lower the motor about an inch to allow for the taller deck height of the 250. there are some minor clearance issues between the fan and rad that are easily solved.
Hi 68SixBanger,

You could also get a set fabricated, it should cost no more than $120. You could also check out the local Ecology for the body mounts.

250 mounts from a Granada worked quite well in my '68, but you have to drill 2 new holes in your frame to make them fit. Placement of the new holes will determine how low in the engine compartment the motor sits. You want to put the oil pan ran down near the sway bar to maximize hood clearance.