now OHC ?'s

ok I was thinking of getting a xflow but after finding out about the pushrod/rpm issue and I leaning away from it unless i can get some better pushrods...or

what about a OHC? are they just as cheap and easy to mod? can a front sump oil pan be put on them or will I have to do that myself? what trannies came behind them?

The MID 1990's XR6 4liter has 220 hp and 270 lb-ft. Does 15.2 sec 1/4 miles and all this in a 3800 pound (test weight, two up with fuel) Falcon.

XG utility pickups have the same suspension and engine bay as a 1966 US Falcon, so the sump and engine mounts off one of those is best. Get a T5 5-speed, a 3.45:1 diff and drop it in! Enjoy!
The crossflow is nice and is very powerful, but if I were to do it again, I'd find a late model OHC to swap into the Stang.
Ok 62 lane
The OHC comes like this
3.9 litre single point EFI, cheap, ordinary dont bother.
3.9litre multi point efi, cheap, easy to find fairly good thing.
4 litre all multi points little dearer, still relatively cheap,
4 litre with dual tract induction MPEFI bit dearer.
They all have a front sump, that in the sedan version wont fit your body, but its easy to change to one that will, as far as I know a crossflow sump will fit, mountings same as crossflow in early engines.
Flywheels same as crossflow, clutches like wise
Water pumps different to crossflow
BELLHOUSING is different to ALL other sixes, however they came with T5 in manual versions.
WWW, has other bellhousings check them.
Exhaust manifolds are quite efficient and headers are NOT required to get up to 220 bhp.
The standard 92 octane (RON) will produce around 195bhp (SAE net) which puts all your 200ci in the shed.
My suggestion is to search around, there is pictures around to help you and if you want one, suggest you get an early 4 litre (EB-ED falcon) with manual trany attached, get the whole thing with ECU (they cheapish due to reliablity) or get an aftermarket ECU like the Wolf3d and set up that way.
OR go straight LPG.
Hope this helps some.
We were bench racing today on this one.

Obstacles: The engine may need relocating fore/aft for clearances. Requires making mount adapter plates - basic DIY project.

Also, the factory fan has to go. Electric fans in front are likely candidates.

Cast oil pan models (AU and later) would be much harder to install.

And the later (EL-onwards) inlet manifold is required to clear the LH shock tower. Earlier ones will not.

The two diagonal braces (export braces) have to go. You will need to knock together some curved CrMo bolt-ons. This is about the hardest part.

Wolf would be the system of choice for the engine management.

Regards, Adam.
Any 4 liter (4 litre here in the Colonialised section of the Great Southern Land) is a well developed power house. 3.9 Liters are Ok, early ones just need attention on head gaskets, but are as strong as an ox.

Look at Jacks Mustang. All you Aussies here go an check out a an XG Falcon 4 liter engine bay. If the OHC doesn't fit into an early Falcon or Stang with spring tower braces like Mr Collins, I'll eat my shoe laces!
The sump and engine mounts of a XG is the solution to all problems. Ross Herrod in OZ used early V8 engine mounts to fit an HO 5.0 EFI engine into the XG Utes. Interchangability is big on Falcons. Ford never change any thing unless they can spread the cost out of a wide product line. Why do you think Ford Aussie did a factory 5.6 liter Windsor stroker crank? Because they can flog of pistons, rods and cranks to ant tom , dick and harry with a 289 or 302, and make a killing!

The sumps of early cross-flow ohv sixes won't fit the OHC, but sections of it could be welded in. AU- on Falcons had bulk work done on NVH prevention. Some of the earlier sumps on some pre 1998 Falcons were plastic, weren't they? Fact is, every six cylinder sump before the alloy AU sump in 1998 was a giant tuning fork that feeds noise, vibration and harshness into the cabin. As well as this, Ford Oz did massive changes to the 4 liter. Some variants had no distributor one year, then it returned the next (now ya see it, now ya don't!), the crank got full counter balanceing and other changes. The oil pump was in a different position and type to the OHV I6. Engine mounts varied, and the XH Ute used a half breed EL Independent Front Suspension system, whic was rack and pinion, not the XG's Kirby-Bishop US-style power steering set up.

The solution to fitting an Aussie Intech or OHC six into a US Falcon or Mustnag lies in scarpering parts from a XG ute.
XECUTE":5sn8v6go said:
If the OHC doesn't fit into an early Falcon or Stang with spring tower braces like Mr Collins, I'll eat my shoe laces!
Would you like sauce with that? :p

We had an XP and an AU III XR-6 side by side, bonnets up.
XR6 AU III? What about an XR6 XG...they had different intake systems, didn't they? And there are single tube aftermarket ones. I think you'll find the alloy parts of the intake plenumb will fit. Even an XE EFI unit fits into a 66 Stang, with almost an inch to spare. A 4.1 EFI fits in a TE Cortina with no mods. Your presumption may be based on the plastic intake, not the alloy parts?

I'm prepared. I don't make bets unless its a sure thing! Remember my steel crank? Aussie7mains is still working on a penalty payment if a 221 crank isn't steel!
There's about 1/4" of clearance between the intake runner and the aftermarket export brace.


This engine will not fit with the stock Mustang braces, however. It might bee too tight to fit the stock early Falcon braces as well.
well the stock fairlane braces are tube and small in diameter and come off the rear of the shock tower so all of that is ok. just trying to weigh costs (t5 bell stock vs buying a adaptor plate in addition) so basicly any year MPFI 4 litre should be ok to work with? fabbing a pan is no biggie for me or I might be more tempted for the mustang II swap up front. and these OHC engines rev like mad right? no matter what I do I want a engine that can get up to 5K almost on a daily basis and 6K every now and then when needed. I was keen on a 11:1 compression xflow until I found out they can't rev up high which kills trying to make big NA power. so could a 4L OHC be bored .040" over for stock log piston specs? do these motors like to get a little head work to them (port match and polish)? what is the stock factory EFI like? can it take small mods ok (mild cam and headers and head work)? is the T5 bell cable or hydraulic?

The 4 litres are better, and more common, the MPEFI is the go, they are about 9:1 comp and in standard trim will go to redline of 5500 without any problem. The heads are very good and I wouldnt suggest any port work for street or lower level track perf, you could spoil the flow!
Cams are available from and C.O.M.E. in Melbourne, the XR6 version has a bit more cam than stock and a bit more comp. The standard valves are 1.95/1.6 ports arent large but well shaped.
oil pumps are as for earlier engines, as KIWI said there are a couple of different ignition systems, best is TFI dizzy type thing with single coil.
The engines are no bigger than crossflow and earlier ones have pads so that earlier mounting will bolt up, starters are on intake side and are same as ALL Falcon sixes.
These are good engines and the XR6 version puishes a 1350kg falcon into 15sec, so in a light stang should be faster.
Dont start planning to ditch the stock stuff, the XR6 has the stock iron exhaust manifold and 2.5 inch header pipe just like the more cooking versions.
Yeah the 4.0L's bottom ends are as strong as an ox. I would, however suggest Jim Mock Motorsport for your cam and exhaust packages. His DEV kits are reasonably priced, require no ECU mods and there are a 6 stages available ranging from 112rwkw to 175rwkw

Another option would be using a standard EF cam ( almost the same grind as EDxr6 ) with either an EBXR6 ( non-smartlock ) ECU or getting your ECU remapped to Xr6 specs, use the XR6 fuel pump and regulator

This way will work out much cheaper and should see close to or over 150rwkw and plenty or torque but good streetability and idle. This is the route I will be going with my 3.9MPFI.

The standard engine however, can benefit from intake mods, on EA-ED's I use all OEM ford can add an XH falcon induction snorkel and a bigger bored airbox to throttlebody pipe ( not sure if this would be relevant in a stang )
Another option is to use an EB/ED Xr6 head or mildly port the standard head. also a K&N panel filter can be used.

Jim Mock can be contacted on + 61 3 9399 4401