Offenhouser Manifold


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There was a post some weeks back that had identified an alternate site to get the three carb Offenhouser manifold. Does anyone remember the name of the site. I am leaning more and more to this simple solution for more CFM.

Thanks in advance, Ric.
Mike and Slade, thanks a bunch. I hope to go the same route.

Which carbs did you guys decide to go with, Weber, Carter, Ford?

Mike has experience with both Holley and Autolite.

I have not decided yet. Through luck and being in the right place...I've acquired 2 Holley's and 2 Autolites. I'm leaning towards Autolites myself.

Those are good prices.

I may change my mind again. For the price of 1 more Autolite...I can almost buy 3 webers.

hmmmm...I hate you Al...not really...

Funny you should mention Perice Manifolds I had been looking at the 32 ICB 6 $80 each. further down the same page. They are closer to the ICT that Clifford is recommending.

Do any of you have pics of your new manifold?

Here is mine...not installed yet


Have fun...

So far the Autolites are it for me, they do need rebuilt so the webbers interest me.

Does anyone know the bore size of the 34 IBPs? Will they will fit the small mounts of my Offy or would I have to do some modifying?

Al where in the world do you come up with this stuff? First the Aussie headers, now this :unsure:

See Ya,

I asked about the Weber 34's. They have a 34mm throttle body, which I assume means that the intake opening is 34 mm, or 1.33 inches. That would require an adaptor. I may order one just to see if I can get it to work.