Oil leaking around head



I have an 83 200 and oil is leaking form the head/ block joint. I assume this means my head gasket is bad. I am not losing coolant or running hot just a fair amount of oil. Would a retorque help or should I do a head pull?
Engine has 154k but runs well. All help appreciated.
8) it is possible that retorqueing the head can stop the leak as long as it has just started. likely howver you will have to replace the head gasket.
I think it must be the repeated heat/cool cycles, but these engines are notorious for seeping on the left side of the block. When ever we've decked these things it always takes two or three passes to clean it up and it's always short on the left side, as if the block shrunk over time.

While a retorque may help, the real cure is to deck the block and head.
I assume you mean the drivers side of the block which is exactly where it is weepy along the length of the block and an outright Exxon Valdese at the very back at the firewall. Ah, the smell of hot oil as I get out of my wagon after a drive. I feel like a total rebuild. I'd like to find a good core engine so my ride's not down so long. What are your thoughts on that ?
Original or core build up?
Oh the woe of a leakin' Leana block, Beanie Boy!

The back end of my XE Falcon 250 i6 weeps a little anti-freeze occasionally, along with a small section of oil from the Left hand side. I used a composite gasket, 105 lb-ft, and my ride came with an Aussie Alloy head like Jacks Locost conversion to his 200 I6.

Block gets far too much cool water at Number one, and is free from coolant on the left because of the lifter gallery. Seems to set up a haunch in the top of the old block over time.

May your welded cast block never weep a drop, Jack.

Hey, add a steel 200 thou adaptor epoxy mortared to the block, and fix the con rod length and distrubutor clearance problems all in one session, Jack