Parts Guys - Need Ignition help


I want to run a DSII distributor but the cap is too tall to fit the crossflow hybrid. Is there a screw on cap and rotor from another Ford that will fit the DSII distributor? Maybe from a 3.8 or 300 with TFI?

I need to reduce the height of the dizzy by at least an inch.
I can't seem to locate a DS I cap and rotor. None of the local parts places have a listing.

If I knew someone smart enough to build a box that would give me a SAW output based on rpm I might use a Ford EDIS and coil packs... :unsure:
the early 2.3L dual plug heads used a stock dizzy to run one set of plaugs and the other set of plugs were run off a set of coil packs. so if you drilled and bushed for a aussie dizzy and had a small billet cap with no towers you could wire it to a DIS setup pretty easy.

I did a DS-I cap with my DSII. The guy at the parts store said it was the cap from a '76 Granada 200ci.

Hope this helps!

I just seen several of those caps go for practically nothing on ebay ;)

Might wanna look there.