Performance Fan?



First let me apologize for the appearance of my engine (I tried to cut as much as the engine as possible to limit the embarrassment!).

Anyway, after seeing Mustangaroo's engine fan (actually his son's), I noticed it was very different than my 67 Mustangs that I bought 2 years ago. Were there different fans that were made for the 200ci?

Does anyone recognize the fan in my car and if it's orginal equipment?

My fan (sorry, this was the best picture I had on hand)
<img src="" width="640" height="580">

Mustangaroo's fan
<img src="">
The fan on mustangaroos engine is the standard 4 blade unit. There was a 5 blade "extra cooling" unit available that was usually found on cars with air. The fan on your car looks very much like a Flex-a-lite unit. However, if so, it is a early version as the new one seems more substantial somehow. The Flex-a-lite blades change pitch as the fan speed increases. In theory, they pull a constant flow of air through the radiator, from idle to full RPM, and consume less HP doing it. Can't tell if yours is 4 or 5 blade. I have a 5 blade on my car.

What you have on your motor is an aftermarket flex fan. I think it is called a flex fan? The fan on the other motor is what came factory. what you have will work as good or better.

Thanks guys.

Now all I have to do is spruce it up with some paint and I'll be set.
8) i would recomend you replace the flex fan with either a factory fan, or a plastic fan. i prefer the plastic fan as it is lighter and does not strees the water pump bearings. the fan you have now tends to come apart at higher rpm.
Just when I thought I was all set someone's gotta come and ruin the party!

The fan that I have is a 5 blade. Would the new flex-a-lite's be better than using the original? Wouldn't it be lighter than the original? If it is lighter, would you still recommend keeping the original on?

As for the plastic one, I prefer not to use it since it doesn't suit my taste.

Obviously the best move would be an electric, but I would like to stay with the fan.
I'm not sure whether your flex fan is an older design or not. it looks alot like mine (but dirtier) and mine is just a little over a year old. They are extremely light and make a pleasant humming sound to boot. I would like to hear more from rbohm about them coming apart at high rpm. I've never heard this - generally only heard good things about the flex-a-lites, which is why i bought one.

Unless "higher rpms" refers to performance peaks my sad little stang will never reach? It looks like you (67stang) have a plain old driver like I do... so maybe what he's saying doesn't apply to us?


I dunno, I like my fan.

What? Are you saying the dirt and grime on my engine doesn't designate it more than just a daily driver?!?!? :unsure:

Seriously, I did hear the flex-a-lite's are suppose to be pretty good. I never did hear that it had issues of falling apart. I think he was talking about my old one which may not necessarily be a true flex-a-lite. I'm not sure how old it is. I just know it was there when I bought the car two years ago and it was as dirty then as it is now.

But any clarification would be helpful...
I would say add one of our fans. They mount very close to the radiator so you do not have to worry about room between the fan and the motor. Our also draw less amps and provide more CFM. Check out our website.
Thanks for the site recommendation, but I checked them out and the look seems more like for a Honda Civic than a classic Mustang.

But that can be just me...
I have one of the Ford 5 blade fans on my car. Great fan! I have looked at the construction and believe that there is never a chance of it coming apart at anything less that 12k rpm.

The 4 blade fan does more "egg-beating" of air than anything.

8) actually my falcon cools very nicely with the factory 4 blade fan. if you look at the construction fo the steel flexfan you will see the rivits that hold the flexible blades in place. that is where the metal fatigues and comes apart. the hub is also as heavy as the factory fan. the factory fan and the plastic fan dont have the fatigue problem.

So you are saying that if I have a factory 5 blade...I should be good? I was figuring that the factory had some quality parts.

I will stand behind my flex fan until it flies off and kills me.
So does it make sense to get a new flex-a-lite blade (17") to replace a factory 5 blade (aesthetics aside)?
I like my Flex fan. It looks really good...


It will look real good on my new blue engine.

As far as pleasant hum...I'd say it sounds more like a muffled roar at idle. When I first started it up...I turned the car off because I thought something was wrong.

IT does pull some serious air across the radiator...much more then the stock 4 bladed fan. Just becareful...they are sharp and I've shed a lot of blood on mine (yes...the engine was off).

I was just given an 81 Mustang with a 200/auto. I was happy to see a factory clutch fan on the car.
That's the way to go!
When I got involved with this hobby about 10 years ago I looked into this type of fan for my first project car. When I told my older bro (who had a lot more experience then me) that I was thinking of using a flexible fan, he responded, "Oh, a hose cutter!" :shock:

With that said, I have never seen one come apart or heard of one flying apart personally. And today we have much better metalurgy and quality control for material. But if you do go this way, check it often and look for stress cracks. And keep replacement hoses, antifreeze, and belts in the car ;) . And stay in good graces with the local radiator repair shop :LOL: .