petronix install


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I installed a petronix unit last weekend, and am now experiencing some problems. Startup is very hesitant and shaky, but it runs fine once it gets started. Also, i'm hearing some strange noises from the distributer. i can't describe it exactly, but i don't think it's right. Could i have the unit wired wrong?
8) usually it is hard to wire the sysytem wrong if you follow the instructions. check to make sure they system is securly bolted down.

The early Falcons and Stangs had two types of Distributors. Looking straight down with the rotor removed the distributor cam from 60 to 64 was D shaped (petronix P/N 1266), from 65 through 70 the distributor cam was C shaped (petronix P/N 1261). If you got the wrong one it could be causing problems like you describe starting and odd noises when running.
no, i didn't remove the tape around the magnet. I beleive i set the gap right, but that would explain the rough start. what really bothers me is the noise from the dizzy. It almost has a sparking sound to it. it's possible that i do have the wrong unit, but i dont' think so.
do you have a stock coil??? is it bad?? i would take a look down your coil and see if its rusted. i think the pertronix takes more power so if you got a better coil like a MSD or a pertronix coil that could help.

I have the petronix coil and plug wires. The car starts very rough, and almost stalls. If it sits and idles for a few seconds, it will smooth out. that's not what's really bothering me, it's the noise. The idle speed doesnt' change, but it sounds like the dizzy is speeding up, then slowing. any ideas?
no blasphemy here....ever one has a first time.

You'll need a tachometer and a timing light. You can get both from Autozone. I'd recommend getting one with a "dial back" indicator. Basically, you adjust the RPM down to 550-600 RPM and with the timing light point it at the crank. With the light, you should see the timing mark and you turn the distributor until the timing is around 10 degress BTDC.

It is hard to describe. I'd invest in a shop manual or find someone in your area to help you. YOu don't need another mustang guy...just another car guy who's done it before. Also, the timing light comes with instructions usually (generic ones) that are decent.

this is really getting annoying. checked the gap. checked the connections. last time i tried to start the car, the rotor broke in 2. in the dizzy itself, there were two wires holding the points down, one on either end. The pertronix unit only has one place to connect a wire, so which one connects? Could i have gotten this wrong all along. The tech support line was no help. they just kept telling me the red and black should be the only wires. I know i have the right unit, so what the hell am i doing wrong?
your dizzy could be bad.. :cry: try 'wiggling' the dizzy SIDE TO SIDE not up and down and see if it moves any. that would tell you if your dizzy has had it or not....i hate hearing pony's in pain... :cry: sorry man i hope you get her back soon.

IT NEVER GETS ANY EASIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

turns out the problem (or one of them) was my alternator. I say "was" because i think it's crispy crunchy now. The whole smoke thing is bad, right? of course i found this out about two miles away from my house on a single lane dirt road. managed to coast into the garage , literally. Lost the belt somewhere along the way. how can i check to see if the alt. is shot, or if i just need a new belt?
Sorry to hear of your troubles but chances are if you let the smoke out of the alternator that you will have to get a new one. You have to keep the smoke in the electronics or they don't work. I found that out with my new stereo last night. I was not watching what I was doing close enough and crossed a couple of wires. You know the smoke came right out without any hesitation. Oh well, it's still better than being at work.
You can try rotating it, but if is smoked...get rid of it...they aren't too expensive, just get one from Napa or Autozone (or something like that) that comes with a warranty.

Oh well, tomorrow's another day. I bet the people at O'reily's are getting real tired of me. An alt with life warranty will run about 30 bucks, so i'm not too worried. I'll just have to wait another check for a new dual exhaust. My sister told me i just need a new car. I told her i'm getting one, one peice at a time :)