Port Divider Installation



Hey Guys,

My Clifford headers should be coming in tommorow morning. My plan is to take it to the exhaust shop and have them install the Port Divider and Headers. I was wondering what the best way would be to have them install the divider. Since the exhaust shop is doing it, the head will not be removed.

Also, what would you guys recommend for the pipes? 2" or 2.5"? Would you go with DynoMax superturbos, glasspacks or straight pipes?

For true duals, no more than 2", and if you could get 1 7/8" pipe it would be even better. I wouldn't even look at 2 1/4" pipe unless it was a single outlet header.

If you like to listen to tunes or have a conversation with your passenger, do yourself a favor and stay away from the glass packs or straight pipes. The straight pipes are probably illegal anyway. Even if you think the glass packs sound cool, after awhile you'll get tired of the drone and want to change. Just ask Inliner, he's BTDT.

Myself, I went with Thrush turbos. There's plenty of rumble but still quiet enough to enjoy a conversation with a passenger or listen to tunes.

As for the divider, IMO, if it isn't welded in, it will come loose and cause you grief later. The divider requires fitting to the manifold, so it isn't something you just slap in there. I spent about an hour grinding and fitting with the head on the bench. You might want to find out what the shop will charge to fit yours before you have them do it.
For muffler I'm going to go with Dynomax Super Turbo and if I can get it to fit a '65, the large case version (once known as the Super Hemi Turbo). This is based on my V8 experience though.

I have one DSHT on my '78 V8 Fairmont and it's a quiet rumble - just what I like.


Dean T