temp with aussie head



I was wondering if anyone else had noticed a significant drop in temp with the aussie head. I live in Alabama and even in the middle of August at idle my temp runs around 130 degrees. I have checked with a mechanical probe in the head and it seems to correlate exactly with the guage. I do have an aluminum radiator, and a six blade fan, but with a 180 degree thermostat, it never reaches 180. Finally is this a problem or should I be glad it runs cold? My pre-aussie 200 ran at least 180 degrees in the summer.
Boil that T-stat. Use a candy thermometer and watch the T-stat as the water comes to a boil. The T-stat should not start opening untill well after 100F. After the temp gets to 180 the T-stat should open all the way and just about all at once.

It sound like the one you have in there is stuck open slightly and is not allowing the system to reach operating temp.

Good luck, Ric.
I think he's right. Sounds like a stuck t-stat to me, too.

But for the cost of a thermostat, I'd just get a new one. Find a Stewart or Robertshaw and avoid the cheap generic ones. Costs a couple buck more, but they work so much better.
The 250-2V I am cleaning up at the moment (sadly, not mine) was fitted with a 192° thermo, but couldn't be 100% sure it was factory. Had factory headers - part number and all!

p.s. there is NOTHING different about the block, for anyone who wondered. It is a standard casting.
I had a simular problem once after I installed a 6 blade flex fan. The engine would warm up around town but when I would get on the freeway it would cool down below the normal operating temp. There was no clutch on the fan so at high speeds it was too much. But if your engine never heats up to operating temperature it is most likely a faulty thermostat. (stuck open). As I understand it engines are designed to run at the operating temperature and will use more oil if ran cold all the time.
Well, I replaced the old thermostat with a Robertshaw thermostat over the weekend, and there is really no change in my temp. The old thermostat looked like it was working(was not stuck open). Still runs around 125 degrees on the guage, and I don't get nearly as much heat from the heater core as I did before. I am thinking about just removing the fan and seeing what happens. Any other ideas?
how much highway driving do you do? I installed a custom AL radaiotr last summer and couldn't use my fan so I just have been running without one. 95% of my driving is highway miles and mine still runs cool when I am at speed. right now I have over 75% of the frontal area blocked with cardboard and no fan in 30 temps just to get my car to 190*

From what I understand the T-stat is the controller for low and high temp. When the engine is first started the T-stat is closed which should be blocking any coolant flow through the upper coolant neck to the radiator. The only flow should be through the pump by-pass. Until the "System" is up to temp (T-stat value) the T-stat should be closed (mostly). If this is working properly there should be no problem for warm up.

The reverse is true for cooling. Once the system is up to temp the T-stat opens allowing heat to be transferred from the coolant to the radiator.

If your system is not warming up to temp the engine is either not producing heat or the coolant is transferring the heat too soon.

Make sure the install of the T-stat is not binding.

Good luck and let us know of any changes, Ric.