to pull or not to pull?

well I picked up my free motor last night. I think it is all rebuilt. there are new freeze plugs all though the motor and the iron on the back of the block is still fresh. all new gaskets on all surfaces and a fresh coat of paint. I pulled the rocker cover and found shims under the valve springs and a fairly clean internal surface (no gunk buildup). it had a near new pressure plate on it (still had crosshatch) and a resurfaced flywheel (just a little glaze) the question is that there is a steel headgasket on the motor and I am not sure if I wanna pull it right yet since I could just clean up things and drop it in as is but I kinda wanna know if there are new pistons/overbore in it.

Isn't life great when you get to pick between: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." and "If it ain't broke, get busy and break it."

Do you have any idea on how long it sat? The valve seal umbrellas get crispy with age, but you don't need to pull the head to replace them.

Good Luck with your conundrum.
well the guy I got it from said it sat a couple years before he got it. it had a reman generator on it that had a sercive sticker with a 1996 date on it sothe most I can see it sitting is 7 years. I think I might pull the pan and timing cover at least and check to see if the timing chain is good and to look at a main bearing or two.

what are the specs on a c6 head?