Torino Wagon Turbo 250 build


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Since you have a generic "HEI" the myriad of GM weights, springs, vacuum advance pieces.
GM HEI center plates & weights - mechanical advance | Chevy Nova Forum ( etc
crn-210g2.pdf (
Plotting the whole curve is a good plan. I usually use GM weights and a Mr Gasket advance kit, one soft, one medium.

And, the cheapest boost-retard that I know of is the 5-pin module from an early 80's unit. It takes 10 degrees of timing out when the 5th pin is grounded* Some other modules require voltage. Either way, a cheap 3-5 PSI, normally open pressure switch completes it.
More Information for STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS LX331 (


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Almost another year gone by and this project is still in the works. The wagon is my daily driver and I've been putting some miles on it for sure. The engine is showing signs of being worn out. Hard on the gas for an extended time = oil smoke out the exhaust. Pushing it on the freeway cruising 70-80 for an extended time ends up with valve train rattling like a solid cam would (like my gt with a 351c and a solid roller with a pretty big lash setting). I don't think it would like much boost in it's current state.

Next on the priority list is to take the 250 out of the falcon wagon, rebuild it, finish the turbo setup, and put it into the torino wagon.


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I don't see any problem taking your time on finishing this build. Will you do tire mounting since winter is coming? The progress looks great. Keep us posted with the updates.
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Wayne clark: I plan on a similar install on my 69 Ranchero 250 auto useing the drawthru off a 78 Regal sport coupe I have.

... caught comment on a Draw-Thru Buick derived turbo on a 250 , Discussions on practical Forced Induction performance fabrication adds to confidence in attempting a project. Hope to see a separate discussion thread on Draw-Thru project. I used 'simple' Buick/Olds/Pontiac Draw-thru Carbd' turbo setup on '74 Maverick 250. Performance increase was substantial but too much enthusiasm caused tired piston ring lands to crack off above 1 Bar of boost. Project veered off into the current 2bbl Blow-thru when a Vortech Supercharger became available to me...

BOP (81 Regal) 231 V6 Draw-Thru T3 Turbo / Unique Quadrajet 4Bbl (950 CFM at WOT Boost-low CFM off boost./ Fabricated adaptor to Log intake.

. .

. .

. . .

have fun

(I might be interested in passing forward the BOP turbo setup - Machined Adaptor /T3 turbo & spares / 2 Unique Turbo Q'jet carbs / Fabbed Xhaust w/sensor bung / related support hdwe. - PM if interested)


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No tire changes for winter here, I'm in a fairly mild climate. We get a decent amount of rain and only rarely freezing temperatures. I'm still driving it daily around town as it is fun to drive.

I thought about going draw through. One of my primary goals it to keep it under the stock hood and that seems more difficult. I have the turbo already and it isn't setup for it.

I've bought a used holley two barrel on ebay and a boost reference power valve. Working on cleaning it up and getting it set up to swap in. I'll post more details as I get to it.

The last thing done on the wagon recently is a wheel bearing. Got my son helping me and it made quite a mess.