Warming Up



How long do you guys let your car warm up for? I start mine in the morning, and sometimes i think i let it warm up (the engine revs) too much. I let it get just over the line on the instrument panel. Takes about 10-15 minutes. Does it matter, what car it is? But I hope you guys can shed some light on this.
Lots of things affect the length of time it takes to achieve operating temp on the engine...

Age, coolant system condition, Choke setting, outside temp, etc...

I found that for me, in mid-winter at 30 degrees it takes about 15-20 minutes to allow the car to warm all the way up so the choke is off and completely open....

I installed a warmer thermostat in winter and cut that down to 12 minutes... in the spring or summer when temps are up it can take as little as 5 minutes.....

Once I rebuild the engine and everything is clean and new I am expecting that to drop quite a bit.... but those are the times I was getting before I tore the engine out...
I do 5 minutes in the winter, 3 minutes in the summer...for all of our cars, maybe a little more for the 65.

normally I just start the car in the winter and by the time I clean the windshield and mess with the heater I am good to go. I only give it a couple minutes to warm up before I pull away. I live on a back road so I drive about a mile before I have to wait at a intersection so that is all easy driving to let it warm up all the way. if you wanna get fancy get a oil temp gauge to hook up and see how long it takes to warm the oil up.

Here in Miami, I start the car and after about a minute or two, the auto choke goes off. Then off and away. Then again..I am in Miami....where I almost never use the heater.
This past winter, I'd start her up in the morning - then start her up again when it inevitably stalled - then I go inside and go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, wash up, etc. Maybe go upstairs and check my email. Talk to my cat for a little while. Then I get my bag/books/whatever I need for my downtown morning coffee sippin'. Then maybe I shovel the end of the driveway if it requires it. Then I clear the car off, then I get in. Then I wipe/scrape the inside of the back window, sometimes the side windows.

About five minutes after that, the ol' car is just about almost ready to almost go.

I do not miss winter when it goes.