What is best year to buy for a 6 cylinder 200?



Hey everyone. This is me first post. This site is really nice with alot of information. But anyways i decided to get my 1965 Mustang back in running order. But i wanted to hop it up a bit. I was looking at the engine block for the I.D. number and to my surprise it seems like it is a 250 not a 200 like i have been told since me pops bought it for me when i was 16. The block I.D. number was D8BE 6015 GE. So i am gonna try to find a 200 somewhere but i was wondering if there was a certain late model engine that was better than the rest? And from what i have read it would be better to get a later model due to the change in the head for unleaded gas. I was also wondering if anyone has a setup of 3 one barrel carbs. If you do could you please provide some info on what you did. Thanks

That's the casting number for a 1978 200ci engine. It should have a three bolt water pump and is a good starting point for a buildup, especially if you have the corresponding head.
It it worthwhile to find an '65-'73 200 (or possibly the '82/'83) for the forged connecting rods?

I asked a similar question earlier and settled on a later block (less chance of being too over bored) but harvest the forged connecting rods from an earlier block. If my '65 I6 200 wasn't 250 miles away, I'd have yanked the rods out of it and find a newer nonBB 200.


Dean T