What year is my x-flow?



Just got a 250 x-flow off e-bay. :D It's in pretty good shape, but will go to the machine shop anyway. How can I tell what year it was made? Is there a way to tell which compression ratio engine I got without doing all the measuring? Who has the factory specs for this engine? :unsure:
The head will tell you a lot. Alloy or cast iron? EFI or carb? There'll be a block number cast too, like US motors. Do you know what model it came from?
Block and head may not have been mates. Head is alloy and carbed, best of the lot available. Block has been rebuilt before and is currently at the machine shop so any numbers there will have to wait a day to post. The block had an auto bellhousing, and three sheaves on front pulley, but I have no clue in what model it was installed. The distributor is Bosch, some sort of electronic thing with vacuum advance. Fuel pump is a doubledecker affair with a tank return. Does that help at all?
It's still hard to tell. The fuel pump suggests XF (85-87, I think). The distributor - if it has the six-pointed inductive star, inside the magnetic six-point ring, is a self-contained unit. There are two types of these - one has an old-style cap, the other has a larger cap with spacer/adaptor. Neither type cap is interchangeable; the body castings vary.

Hopefully, from what you've described, it's an early XF or late XE setup. Look for the "E" casting numbers on the head. Should be a good 'un when finished.

Cheers, Adam.
Is it an unleaded or leaded fuel motor?

If unleaded it can only be a 1986 or 1987 motor.

Also does the distributor have a modulator on it. If so it is an XE motor, if not it's an xf motor ('84-'87). Well actually the XF's ended in febuary '88 (I know some pedantic prick will say it if I don't).

sounds like a xe motor.if you have the distributor check the casting numbers.the vacuam advance on the 3.3 is different to that of the 4.1.
i have some numbers that might help.

9-230-064-710 xe falcon 3.3 manual trans
9-230-064-711 xe falcon 4.1 auto
9-230-064-712 xe falcon 4.1 manual
9-230-064-713 xe falcon 3.3 auto trans
9-230-064-715 xe falcon 3.3 manual
9-230-064-716 xe falcon 4.1 auto
9-230-064-717 xe falcon 4.1 manual
9-230-064-718 xe falcon 4.1 auto

these distributors will all seem to fit ,but the advance could change.
all are prone to eating the ignition module or the pick up coil .
both cheap and easy to replace.
if your distributor dosnt have the star wheel reluctor type ,and has the
steel cutter blade type let me know an i will post some more numbers if you need them.
i got sidetracked on the distributor.the pistons in your engine could be
one of about 4 different options . you mat have to cc the dish in the piston
leaded petrol pistons have a 22cc bowl
unleaded petrol pistons have a 27.9cc bowl
hi comp pistons from acl auzzie have 15.3cc bowl
hi comp/performance acl auzzie pistons have 8.6cc bowl
all suit 4.1 250 engines
the 15.3cc seems to be the 3.3 200 piston

cheers dave 67xr6
9-230-064-711 xe falcon 4.1 auto

Dave, thank you, that is definitely my distributor--so it's an xe motor, the auto is history, mating up a T-5. Distributor is history too as it appears to have been running into itself for a while.
I had a chance to look at the block casting numbers today, someone was sure keen on z's and u's. The numbers look like 83 DA 6015 AA.
The head has some numbers on it, but nothing that looks like a model or part number: 53 ZB, O 65, and HF-5; there's even a 321 stamped at one end. The intake ports look like they have a notch for an injector nozzle, but it definitely had a carb on it. An injection head as a replacement perhaps?
I am smiling, thank you
Whats the Engine Number? XE numbers are located on the waterpump bulge. It'll look like:


Broked down, it basically means
JG: Where the block was cast. In this case, Geelong.
31: Engine Application. In this case, Falcon Wagon.
YJ: Manufacture Year/Month. In this case, Janurary 1981, making this motor an XD Alloy Head.
288272C: Individual vehicle number.

Post back with the engine number, and I'll crack the code for you :)

EDIT: Dylan, XF production ended in March 1993 (Van and Utes) :D
thats an efi head allright.my head on my falcon has the same stamped
number 321 running downwards on the front edge of the head.it looks like its had a new head in the past .if you have any head work done, have the guides checked and if replaced make sure they have correct clearances
as they have a tendancy to bind up if to tight.

cheers dave
Nah, all the XE and XF alloy heads had the injector notch cast into them, even if they were a carbie engine. The notch just get's blocked off by the correct gasket.

I guess it was fords way of standardising to save a bit.

on the alloy head subject can you shed any light on the " HF-5"
numbers cast into the head .Ive heard there is a few different types and the number go upto the "HF-9" .Just wondering if there was a certain type
of head that was better than the other .Iknow there is a late efi with the bigger intake valves .could be easier to take the rocker cover of a engine at the wreckers and check castings rather than rip the head off to check
valve dimensions.

cheers dave 67xr6
The machine shop guy is upset because my engine is in such good shape he won't make much money off it. That's more money I can spend on making it go fast. The engine number is JG32CB73829C, so now I know it was cast in Geelong...

Ooooh, now for that shopping list...cam, roller rockers, springs and things!


There are a few different alloy heads out there, but I can't remember what they are....lol.

I only really know the XF heads, in which the valve size doesn't actually change between EFI and carbie. On the XE heads however there are a few differences.

I remember there was a lengthy thread about this on the last forum.

Best bet is to start a new thread, as this is one of those topics that makes really good referance material.

I have one HF-4 and one HF-6. The third has no such number on it, but it has the injector cutouts and 50cc heart shaped chambers.