White Lithium Grease



Has anyone thought about using lithium grease to coat any interior moving parts when performing an engine rebuild?

I thought about applying some to the rockers and around the crank as well as around the bearings for my 351W project.

Mixing greases can cause very bad things to happen.

Before you do this, check to make sure that the Lithium is compatible with oil.
I have used white grease on bearings with no ill effect. Still, I prefer to use the Moly assembly lube, esp for the cam and lifters.

I thought I had read somewhere that using Lithium Grease on the cam and crankshaft was an acceptable alternative.

Thanks again!

8) lithium grease is fine for the crank and cam bearings, but NOT the cam lobes. there you need a quality cam lube otherwise you risk wiping a cam lobe in short order. like jack i also prefer to use a good moly based lube.