170 with issues.



I've got a '65 170, and while it does run most of the time, it seems to have some oil delivery issue...


-noisy lifters
-loses power as it gets hot
-no oil pressure light comes on

what's the problem? I tried using heavier oil to quiet the lifters, but it didn't help much. Could it be a problem with the oil supply line to the lifter bores?

You probably want to take the valve cover off to check for two things.

One. Do you have adjustable rocker arms? If so, you probably need to adjust the lash to have less noise.

Two. The problem isn't oil supply to the lifters, it may oil supply to the rockers. Start the engine with the valve cover off. There should be a goodly flow of oil to the rockers. You may be able to tell if there is no flow by simply looking at the front rockers. If they are dry and crusty looking, then you have an oiling problem. Ford sixes don't feed oil up through the lifters and pushrod ala smallblock V/8's. The oil comes up around the last head bolt on the driver's side. The passage clogs easily.

I hope you have adjustable rockers, and adjusting them solves your noise problem.

Good Luck