1995 F150 OBD1 MAP EFI tuning discussion

Wanted to start a new thread and post my build details so we could start a new discussion and aggregate some details on performance EEC-IV tuning on OBD1 MAP ECM's for future searches.

As AutoZone would say I have a "1995 Ford Truck F150 1/2 ton P/U 2WD 4.9L MFI OHV 6cyl". In Texas, these are considered classics now and I don't need to adhere to emissions standards. Trying to build a very simply and powerful NA 300i6 with a tuned ECM that accounts for emission deletions. I've know about MegaSquirt and tht seems like a good option and I've also heard about Tweecer and that seems okay but after registering here, i've learned the Ford EEC-IV is very programmable. If were took get a QH from coretuning, that seems to be the best option. Is anyone here successfully tuning EEC-IV in 2024? Do I always need my laptop in the truck when it's unplugged will the tune be removed?

I am also really curious about crossflow heads and the performance intake a few of yall are developing. I'm not trying to build a PowerNation engine hahaha but I do enjoy wrenching on my 300 and I'd love to make it more powerful and unique.

Seem's like there are a lot of hurdles in the performance side of things for these bad boys.
QH comes in on Tuesday. Going to start with TunerPro RT and if I can’t tune out the emissions with that I’ll bite the bullet and but the BE and EA licenses