'69 250


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I've been offered a 69' model 250, not sure of the car, for less than a bill. Motor is complete from air cleaner to pan. Is there enough potential over a 200 to make the swap worthwhile?

Plans include aussie head, 9.0-9.2 compression, electric fan, dual exhaust
Yes it does

it has more tquore and HP.

A T5 will bolt right up.
The 250 is a bit tall for the 65-66 Mustang the block is 1 to 1 1/2 inch taller, also the 200 is a better street performer because of the ease which it will get higher RPM, unlike the 250 with it's long rod ratio's! Go for it if you just want lots of Torque!
If it's almost free, and you've a couple of weekends, yep, just do itâ„¢. The 2V head will compound the performance difference.

Cheers, Adam.
In 66, according to mustangsix's tech/faq on his 200/250 swap, the maverick mounts should work fine.

Grab the lower radiator hose from the maverick as well, since finding one was a pain for me, but that could just be cuz the 77 granada engine had a 2" hole on engine , and I believe the 69 only has 1.75" hole on the engine. Luckily I found a hose with 2" on one end and 1.75" on other to hook up to my 69's radiator. You might also need to go to electric fan.

Check thru his faq on this site and you should find any issues you might run into.