Aluminum Radiator



O.K. I did a search FIRST this time with no luck for aluminum radiator. The 81 Big Bell 200 is now in my car and it is apparent something will have to done space wise up front as there is not room for my 3 core much less a fan blade. So I have decided to move the radiator forward and go to an electric fan controlled by thermostat. I know that I could use the single pulley setup off my 170 but I need the dual for my A/C. Any tip's on 2 core aluminum radiator's..should I get new or pick n pull, order one by size or is there one that fit's the space? Is smaller ok due to the increased efficientcy?

I got a big cheap AL one from summit racing ($180) it is a cross flow and all I did was notch the boxes ont eh front frame rails for it to sit in and made little clamps for the top. for hoses I just got generic flex hoses. only prob is that there is no drain on it. it is fully welded and I ran with no fan last summer (mostly highway driving) it is a three core though and rated for 400hp