BA XR6 Turbo



:roll: Hey guys, bought a wrecked BA for bugger all this one got kissed by a mack truck. anyway i wanna put the motor and box into a 1968 capri GT, does anyone know if the conversion could be done and would it be legal????
hmm. I have no idea about it still being legal. Is your Capri the 4 cylinder or the V6?

In any case, you'll need to install practically everything electronic from the BA - ICC, Smartlock, etc etc etc. Or, you could wait a bit. Word on the street is that Wolf are releasing an ECU that will make the BA I6 sing!
Hook on to the US Capri site by doing a search under Capri V6. There is a made b**ger there who has pictures of a 250 Chevy L6 in his old Capri 2600. It'll fit. Transfer all the electronics over, and get into it. An Essex V6 is over 200 kg's, the Barra 240 T is another 40 kgs again. A Cleveland 351 is 264 kg with no pressure plate and an alloy intake, ready to run.

Bob Pinnelli used to do a roaring trade doing little 302W's and 351C's. The alloy head turbo is a better set up than those. Use a cut-down XH XR6 diff (3.45:1) with discs or Cortina 6 diff with Volvo 264 rear discs and you may be able to stop it and yourself soaring with the falcons.

Man it'd be quick after loosing 1000 pounds off the portly BA frame!
dunno how you will go with the factory ECU and all the BCM shite in it, would be easier to either motec it ... $$$ .... or a piggy back computer might be able to help ?
Motec wont handle the Drive By Wire throttle and the infinitely variable cam phasing. Thats why Wolf is devising new computer technology...

Piggy Back? I'd rather not. You've gotta get it burned in on a dyno, and even then its hit and miss. I dont know if its easy enough to just disable the Interior Command Console software. I'm sure you cant disable SmartLock, as well as the climate control features too. I'd say an AU would be a very good candidate for BA XR6T stuff :D
I reckon it would be a huge job but thats half the fun, i agree that motec would be the way to go etc, smart lock and all the other associated electrics, i dunno, but ill have to nut it out when i get to it, and for those who asked its Capri GT the V6 version but at the moment she's just a bare shell ready to be mini tubbed, does anyone reckon i should up the boost???? either way, for the West Ozz guys i hope to be at motorvation next year on the dyno i reckon 500hp at the bags will be enough!!!! :eek:
just much did it set u back, $$ wise.
i envy you. :D
:eek: the wreck cost me just over 11 grand, but there is basically no arse end on it, ive got eveything i need but i reckon the car would f***ing haul arse, it will be a manual tho(hoping) but we'll have to see, i dunno what times it will run tho, all those HSV cocks, watch out
thats my dream......driving around in a old beat up cortina or capri and stomping on hsv's and vl turbos at the lights with a 240t 8)
Heres some reasonable argument:-
Capri, saw one with a 250 in it, nasty job, had to change crossmember too clear sump. nose heavy, lotsa brake work required. Major problems with the law!
Early cortina, not much different, except major firewall work would be needed, virtually a gasser. Same legal problems
Escort, same, even more work required. Same legal probs.
Later T series Corty, forget it, sump is way off, brakes awfull, to front heavy.
Centura? Maybe, already has six, sump should be OK, wiring difficult, has decent rear axle, possibilities!
Early falcon say xr thru xy, would fit except iduction may foul suspension towers, alloy sump on late six wont clear crossmember and isnt easily changed.
Later ea series falcon, now your getting somewhere, decent amount of room, sump should clear, decent brakes PS and a loom somewhere near what youll need.
As far as weight goes, sure a smaller car is lighter, but the EA will still be WAY lighter than a BA, up to 400kg less id say.
So this should be able to run into low 13s or even a bit faster with right axle ratio.
Having put sixes into things like ANGLIAs id say stay away from them.
My peference would be for EA/EB, can get cheapies now.
Since your in Perth, You can call me if youd like.
You are the luckiest barsted I Know. I first saw the turbo in about January 2002 when I was working at ford and I thought that it would be formiddable in a capri. The computer's are more programable than you think you just need to find someone who can work with the Black Oak brains. Without touching much but boost 300+ Kw sat on the Engine lab dyno for atleast a week. Engine mounts are the same as 250 so it should be easily adapted to capri the longer bonnet would be easier than cortina to fit.
Brakes would need to be upgraded the XR6's Brakes would be fantastic on a capri. make sure that the brake bias is maintained it must not lock up whilst maintaining 1.5m/s2 deceleration. Emmission controls will have to be upgraded to suit The later model BA. Note: This will include Catalytic Converters. Carbon Canisters and FUEL TANK VENTILATION. With the fuel tank moved forward in the BA It should still be in good shape after the prang. Use all of the fuel system.
Silly things will also need to be done. The Heater dimister must have two speeds and must have the capability to demist the windsheild 90% within 20 sec (not confirmed) and the windscreen wipers must have two speeds. Use a V6 GT Capri wiper system and you will be right.
Keep your wheel diameters with in the limits of the Axles and the weight of the car. For a Capri I think that means no bigger then 16In most likely smaller. If you are running the BA Brakes then 16 In wheels are required. If finding a diff try to get hold of a new BOLGA UTE diff from BTRA. They have a pnuematic diff locker which is fantastic when you want to break into donuts.

My drag calculator show this should be good for a low 12 as a stocky. let us know about your progress
:devilish: hey guys well im back after a weekend of throwing spanners all over the back yard in sheer frustration, i changing the door handles on my ute, its an XE with an ESP front end, anyway about the capri, it is already mini tubbed and has engineer approval so far,i guessed that id have to use all the BA emmission gear which i wasnt to happy about but i have to to get the ticks in the right boxes hey ill keep you's informed of my progress but alot wont get done as ill be in the gulf in the later half of the year,anyway one question i do have how does one go about legally fitting two 12" subs into a ute???? and next question how much would a manual winder(windows) assembly cost???