Best Carburator



I drive my vehicle at least 120 miles, five days a week. I currently have a Motorcraft 1 bbl carb.. What do you guys think? Should I use a 2 bbl. carb? If there was a better suitable card for my situation, what is it?"
I really hate to sound cynical, but my philosophy is if it aint broke don't fix it. If your stang is running well, leave it alone. When you start having problems, then look into another carb. Now if you want perf, that is another whole story.

If it ain't broke, you're not working on it hard enough...... :unsure:

For a near stock daily driver, a progressive carb like a holley 5200 or a Weber DGV works well.
i installed a weber 38 dges on mine about 6 months ago and once i got it tuned right all i have to say is holy $#@t what a difference. best thing ive done for the car yet.
what all else do you have done to your car? i'm guessing that you must have some other stuff done since you mention the carb as the best thing you have done yet
Yeah, my motorcraft was acting up. For some reason it's {problem} has gone away. I don't want to say this too loud..It might hear me! So, I'm researching to have a reliable back-up. Yall mentioned a few carb's, but to be honest. I don't know what kind of carb you're talking about. Have patience, just explain who makes it and what's it called.