Bogging and rough idle



I have been having problems with my 200 (84,00 mi original) idling roughly and bogging down when being driven... I have tried numerous things including: Tune up - points, plugs, wires (X 2), distributor cap, rotor, vacuum diaphram. I rebuilt the carburator and installed a new coil. A friend helped me check compression and he said it was within specs @ 35 psi. I have an inductive timing light and noticed today that I couldn't get the bulb to flash on either cylinder 1 or 2 while the engine was running... I pulled both plugs and they seemed to be soaked in oil... cleaned them up and reinstalled then fired it up... it ran fine for about a minute or maybe two then went back to rough idle... the timing light lit immediately after fire up but soon quit again... am I looking at bad rings and a possile engine rebuild here? :(
Not sure how your friend checked compression, but 35 PSI probably won't even run. :shock:
Hook up a vacuum gauge, and see what you get. Any maintenance book will tell you how to interpret the vacuum readings. Make sure you hook up to manifold vacuum. It may be necessary to pinch the hose slightly if you get a lot of needle fluctuation. It does sound like you have a serious internal problem. :cry:
8) you are definately pumping oil in 1 and 2. compression pressure should be with 20psi highest to lowest. stuck rings could be your problem, run some marvel mystery oil through the system for about 20min to see if that helps.
Thanx for the responses... will recheck compression and give the marvel-mystery oil a shot.