I replaced my BW with a C4 when I went to put my tailshaft back in it would only go in bout 20cm and hit metal, so I had a look at the end of my output shaft on the C4 and it not quite in the centre, there no freeplay so the shaft doesnt move, would my output shaft be bent ??? can I just support the trany and take of the extention housing or do I have to take the whole lot out or is there another solution, I cant believe I never saw it when it was out even put a new seal on it

It could be bent, but not likely. Has the speedo gear pushed it off centre? Are the splines correct? I'm pretty sure the BW and C4 have different yokes.

Yes, you'll have to pull it all apart for the fix, should it be bent. :(
yes the c 4 yoke is different to the borg warner. you probably will have to locate one that fits. I believe the, the three speed slip joint/yoke will fit the c 4 but best to try before you buy.
Ok I took the speedo gear out and the shaft came back to the centre, the tailshaft did fit in without a problem, so obviously I installed the speedo gear wrong, Iam using the speedo gear from my BW in the C4, is there a special way to put it in or do you just push it in??
Thanks you guys I wasnt looking forward to pulling it out

I fill the tranny with fluid today to find out its leaking , Iam not sure what you call it but I'll try and describe where its is.....it is on the drivers side right next to where the filler tube goes into the tranny it has 4 bolts holding a cover plate and the prefix tag is attach to 1 bolt, and above it is a coolant line that goes into the tranny, can I just take the four bolts out and replace the seal or is there something that is going to pop out if I take the cover plate off, hope that enough infor

Thanks joip
That's the front servo cover. There's a diaphragm and a gasket which will probably each need renewing.

Did you adjust the bands? You need to replace the band locknuts when you do. (Easy and cheap.)
I replaced the gasket and the 2 seals, no leaks yet, I haven't ajusted the bands, but i got 2 new locking as you said, I only get a couple of hours most nites to do work on it, but its coming along ok thanks for the help

I took my ute for its 1st test run, I selected D, starts off ok but it only gets up to 2nd gear doesnt click in to drive, the fluid is full, I adjust both bands and back off 3 turns, help ????

On getting it into 3rd gear, run a vacuum line from the intake to a vacuum canister on the rear of the trans. Usually they're a brassy colour, and its on the drivers side of the box.

Otherwise you'll have to drive flat-out until it automatically shifts into third, since the gearbox thinks the motor is at WOT constantly (its what the manif. vacuum does, aids shifting to the next gear..)
Ok I ran a vacuum line as you said from the intake to the vacuum canister, took it from another run up the road ( ute not rego so i got to be careful) it took a few runs before it would click in to drive, each run it seem to get better, can these vacuum canisters get stuck or be faulty??

Thanks Joip
The vacuum can that Disko is talking about is the modulator, it uses manifold vacuum to tell the tranny how hards its to work, light throttle= early shits, low line pressure soft shifts. No vacuum, late upshifts high line pressure.
Yes thay can and do go fualty, but parts are easy to get from aftermarket tranny repairers, so change it, its easy to do, but oil will come out of that hole.