Can I make this work?



I have been having some overheating problems with my 67 mustang convertible. I decided to replace the radiator and convert to an electric fan. To make a long story short, I called California Mustangs and asked their advice. The man recommended a 4 core radiator. He said that it would be a little tight, but it would work. I also ordered a 16 inch electric fan. I knew there would be problems when I installed the radiator and the fan blades from the original fan touched the radiator. I removed the factory fan so that there is now about 2 inches between radiator and the place the fan was connected. Clearly this is not enough room to mount the electric fan. My question is this. If I leave the 4 core radiator in the car and mount the fan in a pusher configuration will this properly cool the engine? Or is there a better way to do it using the existing equipment. where I live in gets fairly hot in the summer(100- 104)
8) as long as the fan can be configured as a pusher fan it will work. some electric fans are pusher or puller only, others can be both.
It should work. Mine is a 3 core radiator with a pusher fan.

Sometimes it gets in the mid 90's here and it has never even reached 1/2 way up on the factory gauge even when setting in traffic for a long period of time. I am running a 160 degree thermostat.

If you have to, get a different thickness (thinner) spacer for your stock fan to set it away from the radiator and install your pusher fan as a auxiliary unit.


Problem: Getting a 16" fan to fit between the hood latch support and the radiator. I never had success on my '68. I did get a 14" to work though... A high quality 14" fan from someone like SPAL might be an option.
This is a follow up to this thread:

I called classic mustangs and asked for a 3 row radiator. The customer service rep told me that I should get a 4 row instead. I explained that I did not think it would fit my inline 6. Sure it does he says. It will fit fine. So, I ordered it. Of course it did not fit. I called the company to make arrangements for returning it. The guy gave me the 3rd degree. He asked me how much clearance did I have between the radiator and the water pump. I told him 2 inches at the most. This guy insisted that 2 inches is PLENTY of room to put a fan.

To make a long story short. I have to pay for shipping and a 20% restocking fee. Needless to say this was a bad shopping experience.

I ended up ordering a 3 row from that fits perfectly.

Live And Learn huh !!!
The "Dummie" probably never looked inside an I-6 bay, so was thinking about the space in front of n V-8.
Electric fan work best pulling but only if in side the orginal fan shroud. Using a shourded E-fan designed to push is as good as any other. Also an E-fan does not have to be mounted dead center. It can be offset as needed for clearance as long as the effective area is over the radiator.