carb problem help !!



need some info ore help first , before i rip the car down , :LOL:
cold start is good and the car is running good when choke is on , , after the warming up the car dont response when WOT , ore running low rpm , when WOT it first response and then died and directly response after it , its like heaving a dead point in the carb !! get it ?when driving low rpm in first gear the car is shaking and hopping , when hit the gas teh car first response , died and response . verry funny to see , but shit to drive :x
i got the factory autolite 1100 carb [ i think ] on a 200 ci with a D8 head , btw when idle and not drving , out of gear ,the carb is responding normaal !! would almost say verry good ! no dead point in it .gone check the gaskets first and then the timing .some more tips for too look ad ?
Sounds like you need more timing. Try advancing the timin a couple of degrees at a time, until it pings taking off in second gear (if you have an automatic). Then, back it up to the previous setting. ;)
gonne do next week the dura spark update with the msd 6a and a mallory coil, did set the timing and the response was getting better , so i think it was the timing ,question , there is a timing control for a msd , remote , i now , but can you use it with the dura spark system with a msd box ?
The other problem can be timing chain stretch. This makes it hard to get the engine "flowing" sometimes. I recently inspected a fairly low-mile engine with 7° of "play" in the timing set. The owner had been unaware this was his problem, and had played with the distributor so much (dwell and timing) that the fasteners showed significant wear. :shock:

Regards, Adam.
i think not the timing gears ore chain , did replace them only 250
mls ago , wil do the dura spark switch and then i will gone see how thing ,s will work . got a topic dura spark msd mallory question , want to test first before installing , but how ???