Carberator ID help



Hi guys, a question to ID my Weber/Motorcraft. I don't have any numbers except the base plate has the numbers "R 6309-1". The bore numbers are 26 and 27. The name on the carb is Motorcraft, no other mention but it appears to be a 5200 if I remember from my Pinto and it has a water choke. Also if someone knows about this carb, what is the diaphram next to the choke for? There's no linkage off of it, it seems to go directly to the choke and the number 6583 is stamped on it.

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Well here I am replying to my own question. It appears to be a DFAV carberator which is a reverse of the DGV carb. Instead of the linkage being on the outside it's on the inside next to the valve cover. This will work fine for the cable linkage I'm using.

Howdy Steve:

There should be more numbers on the base after the R6309-1. The 1st 5 digits are a Holley engineering number that should help in identification of the carb. The last 4 digits (missing) would indicate the date of production. The 1st three are the date of production; ie 050 meane the 50th day of the year, sometime in Feb, the last digit is the year; ie 2 means 1972.

From your description, my guess is that the carb is an early 70s Pinto. If it has no wires for electronic feed back, it may make a good candidate for a rebuild and upgrade to a 200 six.

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Thanks for the input!! By the way I've got your book and found it to be invaluable in the rebuild and upgrades to my 64 Econoline PU.

I assume the CFM's are around 270 and Clifford adaptor has the same bolt pattern (3 5/16") to the head? I found a great site for the nuts and bolts for the Weber at, which has the linkage parts for the carb as well.

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