Chevy Inline-6 250cu Blower Turbo kit on eBay

I think that would work nicely on my '66 Malibu with its 230, or If I could talk dad out of one of the 292's he just picked up, however the wallet disagrees... :(

I guess I will just have to save those pics for later

For those that went and looked at it, did you see how incredibly clean the installation was?
The exhaust manifold default downspout is plugged and they welded on a little upright stand to the 4-5 exhaust port to support and feed the turbo.

Definately something I will be saving for when I get back to working on the ole '66. Any chance that this could be an option for the 240/300 guys in the forum?

This one is very simular to one I helped a freind build.
The difference is that we used a J pipe, and the Turbo was from a 231 Buick.
It used a GM Q-Jet carb and ran very strong to about 4500rpm.
No idea what horsepower it produces but the 250 felt like a 350.

Oh, now you've inspired me, John...! :)

If only my new exhaust manifold would arrive... ;)
Well, If you do it like we did it will be the cheapest hop-up you've ever done! We spent $75 :D

His came off an old Turbo Regal and as a draw-through it can't use an intercooler, so adjust the factory wastegate for about 5psi.
It's a little turbo, so it will run out of breath fast. A better setup would be the turbo Trans Am 301 V8 turbo. That with water injection should be good for 8psi and 5500rpm. But the boost won't come on as quick. The one we used made boost as soon as you nailed the gas off idle.

There are a lot of websites that will show you how to port turbos, for more capacity, and how to make the factory wastegates adjustable. Just look for the Turbo Buick sites.


Man-oh-man-oh-man. You have some SERIOUS explaining to do, as I am almost finished assembling my 250 (the never-ending project)!!!!!! :D By the sounds of it, I could just bolt-on a turbo unit from any Turbo Regal/GN Regal and "Go!", so to speak? (Well, I do realize that it would require SOME fabrication, but.....) After reading about the unreal amount of power that can be produced by using a turbo in Leo's book, I am half-tempted to give it a try!! How easy is installing a turbo on a 250 vs. a V8?? How long did your "experimental turbo", so to speak, last?? How did you get away with the setup only costing you $75??? Any other info on this would be great!!! Thanks, John!!
Good Junk Yard shopping :LOL:

We found a good running carbed Buick Regal with a turbo 231. It had a freshly rebuilt Q-Jet 4 barrel carb and we bought the whole intake assembly for $60.
The turbo on the 231 has a mounting flange (3bolt) that you have to make an adapter for. This will let you mount it to the stock intake. We had a thick chunk of aluminum to make this out of.
The J-pipe was 2.25 in. in diameter and comes from the stock exhaust manifold and curves up to the turbo. Cost $15

To make the factory wastegate adjustable, You split the actuator rod and thread rod on both ends. Then add a turn buckle nut to the middle and you can move it in and out.

The engine was stock. So we set the boost for 5psi. It has had no problems so far. It was also a low mileage rebuild.

I wasn't involved with the ignition set up, and I know there were changes, but it was still the stock HEI distributer.

Hope it helps........John

So, the engine is still holding together fairly well, then??? No damage? Are head bolts, or head studs being used? Stock gasket, or copper? O-ringed block & heads, or....??? Compression ratio?
It's stock, stone stock parts.

It's running less boost than the stock Buick that it came from. We figured that if the Buick could live with it, so could the 250. We were right.
As long as you don't have any detonation problems, the engine will live.

If I were to do it for myself, I would do a performance rebuild and port the head with SBC valves.
Then use a little larger turbo, like a T3 super 60, with water injection.
It would be an easy 350 horses.

dont forget about detonation. the only way to address this is with water injection or a lower compression ratio.

you cant turbo much over 6 psi with 8.5 or 9:1 compression ratio. inlet temps are too high. if you do a drawthru you cant run an intercooler -only with blowthru.

you can lower compression by making the chambers larger, dished pistons or multiple head gaskets. unfortunately the recipe for naturally apsirated hp is the complete opposite for turbo applications

puttin out lots of boost (and ponies) will require forged pistons as well. pinging on cast pistons will blow a hole thru the top of the piston. not good!!

you can run a turbo with about 6 lb of boost with no ill affects. pick the right one, it will spool up fast and just add to the already great low end torque our sixes have. it depends on your altitude. sea level is 14.7 but like here in denver(5280ft) its 12.2 so running 6lbs is like 1.5 times the hp.

i am planning for a holley 390 on top of a OZ head, forged dished pistons, intercooler up front of the radiator. looking with only 9psi 260HP!!! there are guys down under getting 346Hp out of a 250 with 20-30psi of boost.

there is a website/forum i found. it even has a tech section for forced induction!! it is . . . . waiting huh ... 02f1ba5383

(thats what is in the address window). i have it saved to favorites so it just opens there
hope this helps!