Clutch pilot bearing



I was trying to bolt my tranny(auto) to block without success, muck around for hours thinking I didnt have things line up, so I pull it apart , now the block iam using had a manual tranny before, and in the centre of the crankshaft is a plug with splines in it, I looked in the manual not sure if this is the correct name , clutch pilot bearing ???, the old block dosent have one and that was an auto, how do I remove this thing so my converter will sit in the hole

Thanks Joip
it sounds like your trying to bolt the auto up to a flywheel not a flexplate/torque converter

take off the flywheel and swap it with the one fron the auto

No I was bolting it up to a flexplate, but the the pilot bearing was still in the block, I got it out today

Thanks Joip