Cobra 6 is almost done! [PICS]


I did a full mock up of the engine today. It is all assembled (minus attaching the head, which will be put in after installation). Here it is. I did some measurements and it looks like there will be just enough room to clear everything.






have your old regular valve cover left over and wanna sell it? I need one to sandblast ahead of time....
WOW! I've got to have my buddy see that. He's always saying I should drop a V-8 in my car instead of keeping the 170(sixes suck, no power,no oommph, stuff like that). Wait till he sees that. I think he'll change his mind.
did you paint the fan the blue or did it acualy come like that?
looking great ,,,,nice setup , specialy with that air filter on top of it , realy good looking ,
btw little tip: i,m alway,s like the shiny parts , did look often for a paint that is close to chrome effect , last time i did get a spraycan from a custumor he did claim id would do the effect , didn,t believe him, but try the spraycan , and it whas amazing :shock: :shock:
realy great effect , easy spraying with good and nice finisch ,verry little to use and finisch it with a clear coat ! this is a nice product for upgrading for the home workers , !! i didn,t smoothed the surfafe first , just cleand it and sprayd it , next time i wil smooth [ glad gemaakt ]the surface firts , the effect wil be greather i think !
Thats an unbelievable looking setup you have there! it will be nice to see it back in your car though!
Hey, where did you get that valve cover? I've been looking for one like that for a while now.
Very cool setup!
How will you synchronize the carbs?
How did you make your own adapter plate?
83fairmont: the fan came that color. You can order them Blue, Red, or Chrome I think.

6T6: I got the valve cover from a guy on I've seen them on Ebay a lot. They usually run about 60-90 depending on condition. I used a single 4V base and cut out the holes for the outer carbs. The large opening for the 4V came in handy so it has room for the auto-choke to operate with out hanging up.

Our6t6, Look in the sell and trade forum under small six parts. The valve cover I have for sale is just like that. Russell
hey 66mustang what brand of spray paint is that that acually didnt liik that bad maybee ill try it with all my monting brackets to get more of a shinny look under the hood lol let me know thanks
Al, isn't the light blue the correct color?

I have been trying to find examples of correct colors for our 66 coupes. The only info I have is that Corporate Blue is correct for 66’. But what does Corporate Blue look like? I thought that was the light blue.

Either way your fresh build has an excellent balance of chrome and looks excellent in the light blue color. This setup will defiantly catch anyone’s eye at your next show.

Great job, Ric.