Don't you hate it when the money supply stops? Help...


Well, seems like I may have bitten off more then I can chew... wife and I are looking at houses so now we are in money saving mode, which means I'm trying to get the mustang back together with minimal cost.

Up on the chopping block are:

1) T-5 Transmission


2) Head work (on the car...not my head is too expensive)

#1) Already have the transmission and adaptor and throwout bearing. All I need is clutch disc and pressure plate, slip yoke, and to shorten the drive shaft.

#2) All head modifications have been done for the Offy. All I was going to have done was have the intakes enlarged by a machine shop.

The cost of both of these items to complete are about $200-300. One must go. I'm tempted to chop the Head modifications and just put the engine back together. I really need a new transmission as my original 3 speed is pretty much dead. The other reason I'm tempted to put off the head modifications is that I'm going to rebuild (or have rebuilt) the engine next winter and it will need it soon. Might as well do the head then.

So, which would you put off for a year?

I would put the offy head project on hold and complete the tranny upgrade.

dats my $.02

The Offy Head is done...only thing left on the head was to enlarge the intake valves. I'm pretty sure I'll can that project until I get the engine rebuilt.

I would put the house on hold. Everybody buys in Spring - prices are high. Nose around, then turn the screws on a vendor next winter. Plus, you'll be happier when the car's finished. Your better half will see more of you (and hopefully appreciate it!).

As for the costs - go to a house auction. Watch people people blow more on a spur-of-the-moment "bid up" than you spent on rust repairs.

Regards, Adam.