DUI - flat gasket to block or o-ring?


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Greetings Ford Six Fans,

I purchased my DUI many months ago for my old 200, but never had a chance to install it before I realized that the 200 needed to be rebuilt or replaced. Now I want to use the DUI with the new 250, and I'm ready to install it.

It's been so long since I purchased the DUI that I can't remember - does it use a flat gasket between the distributor body and the block? Or just an o-ring that seats into a groove? I can't find a gasket anywhere. I can't find a flat gasket at any auto parts web site, but I have seen O-rings. If it does require a flat gasket, I'll have to either get another one from Performance Distributors, or make one from gasket material.



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Bob, o'ring should be already on the housing of the distributor.
Before installation lube the housing area & o'ring area. Also put heavy oil or moly lube on the distributor gear to make sure no wear occurs on a dry start.


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O ring.... the one that came with mine was too thick.... pick up another at ace hardware. 3,000 leak free moles so far.