Engine ID help needed



I had the engine in my 66 coupe rebuilt by a local shop. The first rebuild, threw the thrust bearing in 30 miles and was back in the shop same day. They put another rebuild in, and I have been having some odd problems getting it to not miss. Recently found that I have water fouling plug 5 and oil fouling plug 6.

So my before running back to them, im just trying to find out exactly what I have in my car from these guys.

Here are the casting numbers, but I feel that I dont have anything close to a 66 engine.

On the head D5DE-6090-BA
On the block (passenger side of block, correct location?) D8BE-6015-GE

If anyone can help me correctly identify this combo, and let me know if the head and block or completely compatable with themselves and other 66 parts. :cry:
Ford used an alpha numeric numbering system for a majority of their parts. For example, C5xxxxx indicates a 1965 Part, while D5xxx indicates a 1975 Part.

Your head appears to be from a 1975 motor and the block is from a 1978 motor.

The best guess is that the motor and head are both 200 cubic inch relatives.

Some of the others will chime in to let you know more.

If you want a 1966 head and block, look for C6xx-xxxx-xx on both items.