Exhaust Manifold adapter



I need to make an adapter to mate my stock 1.75 front pipe to a 1977 250 manifold. I'm planning on making a funnel-shaped adapter which fits up inside the 250 manifold and funnels into the 1967 200 front pipe, so I can use the same exhaust pipe as is used on the 200 manifold. Basically, I need some dimensions - which I can't get since I don't have access to the car - actually I need to make the adapter so I can go get the car this weekend!

I need the inside dimensions of the manifold outlet and the dimensions for the 67 pipe flange. Can anyone help me out please??[/quote][/code]
Howdy Tbone:

I hope that I am understanding your question.

Both the '67 200 exhaust manifold and the '77 250 have the same 2" outlet diameter. Both use a firewall and donut type gasket. If your head pipe is stock it should bolt up without any adaptation. Please let me know if any part of this is not true.

Adios, David
Actually, they're different - the 67 has a 1.75" exit, so the 1.75" pipe is loose inside the 250 manifold. Like the earlier engines, my '67 is equipped with a 1.75" system. There was no donut when I took the '67 manifold off. You are correct that it does bolt up - just the pipe is loose, and it sounds like a tractor.

Howdy back Trent:

Very interesting. Could I ask you to get and report the casting numbers off of both manifolds.

FoMoCo switched from the flat gasket manifolds somewhere in the end of '62, depending on vehicle marque. Up until now I had believed that all '63 and later donut gasket type exhaust manifolds had a 2" outlet. This is interesting.

As always, never say never or always when it comes to FoMoCo.

Thanks in advance.

Adios. David
I'll try and get the #'s when I go pick up the car next weekend, but between now and then , I still need to figure out a way to mate the 1.75 pipe to the 2" manifold.
when I made my mandrel bent head pipe I bought a manifold end at teh parts store and used that so maybe you could get one of those and a step adaptor and do the same thing. if you can weld it somehow that would be better since you could shortern it down. or swap the manifolds.

sometimes the simplest solution is not the obvious

buy a cuppling at your local auto parts stire that goes from 2in to 1 7/8 ir what sizes you need they are only 3 dollors for it
Sounds good, Nick - I didn't realize you could just go buy manifold pipe ends like that. I figured they'd have to be pulled from the yard - which I don't have time for.