funky carb 1100 problem



Hi, I'm new here but I need a little help. In my family we own a stock 66 mustang w/ a 200cid & 3spd. auto. The problem started when we tried to have a good friend rebuild the carb. He is well know for rebuilding them, I had a carb for my jeep rebuilt by him and had no problems. He informed us that the carb was not rebuildable (mustang carb). Several parts were missing (some ball bearings) and that the throttle cam (i can't remember exactly, but it was some kind of cam in the carb) was broken. Somebody in the past had tried to rebuild it themselves. The car ran, but never very well. So off I went to autozone and bought a remanufactured carb. Now here is the problem. It idles fine, but just above idle it will caugh and sputter and die. So fire it back up and it idles fine so I push the gas down all the way and it roars to up to oblivion. After some experimenting I find out that it will only die just above idle. It runs fine at idle, and anywhere above it, but it will die when the throttle hits just above idle. It does not matter if I am going up from idle, or down from wide open throttle. I have checked the vacum hose from the carb to the distributer, and it looks fine, but I can't gaurenty that it isn't. I even replaced the gaskets from under the carb, I even lightly coated them with oil so that they would seal better. I even adjusted the air/fuel screw. All to no avail. The only thing different is the carb, no other mods. were made. I will try a new vacum hose later this week. But I am confused as to why it runs great everywhere in the range of throttle but at just above idle. Can you help me, this is really confusing me. Sorry about the long post, I just wanted to give you all the info that I could.
Thanks a bunch.
hey there, and welcome to the forum! :LOL: ok first off are you sure that the carb you got is for a automatic transmision??? to check to see if it is first identify where the accel. pump is. then there should be one that looks very similar to it on the other side. if there isnt one you need to take it back and get one that does have it(and call the guys at the counter idiots for not asking). hopefully you will get your money back. and if it not that. how about telling us what your idle is set at? and how much above idle does it die?? 100, 200?? have fun!
My advice - take it back and call Pony Carbs. Just make sure that you keep the spark control valve. You will need it later.

I have an 1100 from Advance, a Champion rebuild, and I bet they use the same source. Mine is a manual tranny, and I have the extra diaphragm, so I bet that they have no differentiation between manuals & autos. I hate that carb, but I am a little biased, I hate all carbs.

Sorry, I cannot be of any greater help, but there is my opinion.