gas in oil . . don't let this happen to you



Well, Another interesting thing I learned about our inline fords today. I lost oil pressure and couldn't figure out why. Then I drained the oil to see if anything looked burnt. I found gas in the oil and then figured that my fuel pump leaked and dumped gas into the block. Does this sound possible?

This is the first motor I have had that has a direct drive fuel pump off the camshaft so it surprised me that when the fuel pump leaks it can go into the engine. I think I stopped before any damage, but don't let this happen to you.
That happend to me 15 years ago in a 66 Econoline Super van with a 240. I started to here some lifter noise so thought it was low on oil. pulled the dip stick to see no oil so added a quart. Looked at the dip stick still no oil, added another quart. Looked... Added 3 quarts and still no indication of oil and knew something was up so desided to drain the oil and see what was going on. Well the oil started to flow, I filled up one pan and then almost a second and noticed a strong gas odor. Yup, the fuel pump diaghram had ruptured and I was pumping gas into the oil pan. After I changed the oil and the fuel pump I pulled the valve cover. Everything was nice and shinny, clean as a whisle. I ran the oil for 10 mins then changed it a couple more times over the next few weeks to be sure all the gas was out and never had a problem. I talked to a mechanic friend a few weeks after this saga and He told me he's seen motors that had exploded the oil pan off the bottom do to this so considered me lucky I found the problem before it got really bad. Makes it interesting huh....