i have a exhuast question?



hey, when my engine was in my car the choke would not work... the tube that comes out of the exhaust manifold would never get hot (no gasses were going through the tube :( ) now when i took the engine out and took of the exhuast manifold i looked in it and the hole from the top of it had a tube that went straight through.... now i dont have the car at my house (its at my dads) i didnt take a really good look at it but it apeared to me that there was no way that hot air could go through that hole..... it looked like just a tube straight through to the bottom of it now i also thought maby there is holes on the inside of that tube small holes because you probably dont want too much gasses up there if thats the case then i understand but i also have another delema... i called the wild west mustang ranch to see if they could help figure out why my choke was not working and they said there is a tube that goes from the carb to the intake manifold??? is this so?? what i could really use is a really good picture of a 6 like mine... that would help alot!!! if you guys have any please post them. :D


P.S. sorry i know that is alot to read....i was bored and i thought i would give you guys the hole story


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The tube doesn't go to the intake. The exhaust manifold actually has a hole through the manifold that the tube attaches to. The actual size of the hole I can't help you with. What happened is years of rust that closed up the manifold hole.

The tube from the manifold attaches to your choke cover and the inside of the choke area is vented to the intake manifold vacuum through the carb body. This circuit allows hot exhaust to heat the choke element that operates the choke plate.

These little things are covered in detail by the manual. If your a real oddball like myself the manual actually make interesting reading.

I would start with the smallest drill you have and open up the exhaust manifold hole and test. The hole in the carb body is actually very small so as long as you are as big as the vent hole you should get plenty of airflow to heat the element.

Good luck, Ric.
There is a hole in the exhaust manifold but it is not open to the exhaust gases. It is just a through hole thru the exhaust manifold. They do get clogged and running a drill bit thru them will clear them most of the time. So hot air (not exhaust) runs thru the manifold and up the tube to the carburetor. There is a small vacuum port that draws the hot air thru the bimetal coil in the choke to warm it up. Air is actually drawn in, not pushed by exhaust.
Quick thing - you said you called "wild west mustang ranch"

Are you located in Washington state? I'm sure there are a ton of "mustang ranch" places, but that just happens to be the exact name of the place near me.

Just wondering...
Cool. There was a teenager I saw in an auto parts store a couple of months ago asking about performance parts for his 66 I6 and I mentioned Clifford to him. You wouldn't happen to hit the B&B Auto Parts in Redmond, would you?