Is there any other block that fits?



I hav a 65 200 with a cracked block - block casting no C5DE 6015-H.
It originally had a 3 speed 2.77 transmission. I have adapted a T5 using one of Al's adapter plates. My question is - are there any blocks that will bolt up to the bell housing from that 3 speed transmission.


Mike - I hope I understood your question correctly, you're wanting to know what blocks will work with the original 3-spd? Any early 4-bolt block should work as well as any block with the dual bellhousing pattern.

Something like '78 or so comes to mind but I'm not certain about that. I can never remember how late Ford ran the dual pattern. :oops:
Thanks Falcon62,

I need to get a new block because I have too much money invested in adapting the T5 to this bell housing and I was not sure if the bell housung to block bolts changed since 65 - I visited Al's websight and found that bells didn't change until the 80's so I believe I have a pretty large choice from the junk yard.

Thanks for the input

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