:D I just finished my first head gasket replacement on my '64 I6 200. Everything ran just alittle too smoothly, I was sweating when it came time to turn the key. Just one question for you guys. I noticed that I have a change in temp. and oil pressure setting on my idiot gauges in my dashboard cluster. Now the oil pressure isn't as high as it was before the replacement. Let's say it's off by 1/8" on the needle setting. There's a statement my buddy made, when I start it back up. He said "the temp gauge needle will go right to the middle". Now before the replacement the needle stayed over near the little bracket on the "cool" side of the gauge. Well, after I started it and ran it for awhile it went right to the middle and stayed there. After I drove it around awhile it drifted alittle to the hot side. So, I took out the thermostat to compare temps.. Now it stays right in the middle. I drove thru some rain and you could see an immediate response to the cool side and if I have to wait at a stop light. It goes just alittle to the hot side. After ALL this do yall see a problem? :shock: :unsure: ..ZZ

I don't really see any problem. One generally sees better water circulation and oil drainback after cleaning up the head and replacing its gasket, and this can affect the temp and pressure readings. I would replace the oil pressure and water temp senders before drawing any firm conclusions.

Your comments about the temp changes show me that your system appears to be working pretty normally. If you are looking for best performance, remember that these engines will be most efficient and make the most power when the water temp is between 180 and 195 degrees. As you edge into this temperature range, though, you'll want to ensure your radiator is up to the task. If you had to replace your head gasket, there is a very good chance that the radiator is in need of a rebuild, as well.

Good luck!