my turbo plan takes more shape....

well my CFI turbo plan has gotten a little more detailed. I want to do it with a 250 and prob an auto tranny.

found a friend has a 84 lincoln I can get for almost free (has now suspension on it) with a 5.0L CFI and AOD.

so that gives me a nice AOD to use and a CFI parts bin.

then I will need to find a cheap mavy (most had c4/250's?) for a motor.

I can get a head modded for a CFI setup for free using the shop at school. I got porting tools to prep the head with. and a mig/bandsaw/chopsaw to make the turbo header with. I have echted PC boards before so I might try my hand at building a megasquirt setup if there isn't a group buy soon.

so I am thinking maybe a 250/c4 CFI motor in NA form for now then swap the turbo stuff on when it is all ready and then go AOD.

so does anyone have a lead on a parts car mavy? I need one that runs or at elast can take a reman without machine work needed.