odd jerkyness at high rpms???



hey guys, as most of you know i re-built my engine about 2 weeks ago and it now has about 300 miles on it. ever sence i got the re-build done and drove the car it has been kind of jerking back at high rpms in 2nd and 3rd gear. mostly i noticed this driving on the high way at about 60 or 70 mph and as i go up a hill when i start to push on the gass more to maintain speed it starts to jerk back...???? i even went all the way down to 50 mph going up a relitivly easy hill. has anyone els had this problem?? at first i changed the fuel filter and i have a new fuel pump but i started to have a fuel leak and i fixed that. but it still does it??? im stumpted..could this have anything to do with exhuast???? :eek: :unsure::


200 3spd 66 mustard!!!
maybe your clutch needs to be adjusted again??? If its adjusted too far, the bearing will push on the pressure plate at highere speeds and cause "jumping" of the engine. Thats my guess. :D
adjusted too far witch way????
thanks for the help by the way.

Sounds like either a jetting or a timing problem if I was to guess :D :D


You might want to check out that fuel filter again. It sounds like a fuel starvation problem. There is also a small filter in the fuel tank. Along with I imagine a lot of rust and other nasties