ok, i believe my points are off. I have a bad vibration in my engine and i want to see if this helps. Ho do i ajust my points. Iknow i need to get a petronix ignition, but until then i want to make sure the points are correct.
8) bump the motor around untill the rubbing block is on the highest point of the dist cam. loosen the pivot screw and the adjusment screw, not too loose just enought o be able to move the points but not enough for them to move by themselves. there is a slot at the end of the points where you can use a screwdriver to adjust them. set the gap at .017(iirc) and tighten the screws. recheck the gap and readjust as needed.
I use a dwell/tach meter to make sure my points are gapped properly. There is also a points resistance test that measures voltage drop across the points when ignition is on and the points are closed. The needle should barely move on the points test function. If the points are burnt, the needle will move higher. When you regap your points, your timing will change 1 degree for every degree of dwell change. I always get my dwell set to 37 degrees so I don't have to change the timing when I'm done replacing the points. I wish Ford would have the door in the cap so that the dwell could be changed with the engine running like the Buick my Dad had when I was young. Since they don't, I have to set them with the cap off, while turning the engine over, and set it so the needle of the dwell meter is bouncing from 35 to 39 degrees. Then retest it with the engine running.