some carb problems..



ok here it goes...i have been having a problem to where if i go up a small hill or coast around a corner(with the clutch in) or even go on a curb it will want to die. at first i thought this would be a float problem but i have checked the float a good 5 times because it wouldnt start. however it wouldnt start because i had the new gasket on backwards so it blocked the accellerator pump. :roll: i know i imbarrased. anyways i was reading another post and someone said that there is a carb for manual and automatic transmisions???? is there a difference and could this be the problem( cause this is a rebuilt autolight 1100 i got off ebay so im not sure if it was for a auto or a man.) if there is a difference, i have a manual.

Problem could still be a float. :eek: The old plastic floats become porous, and soak up fuel, becoming heavier. For the heck of it, if you have a plastic float, toss it and install a brass float. 8)
i have a brass one. and everything in it is new. thanks for the post. :LOL:

The 1100 for the automatic has an anti stall dashpot located on the opposite side of the accelerator pump. It looks similiar to the accelerator pump--- the low idle rpm setting on automatic transmission equipped units requires a means of control to prevent engine stall upon sudden closing of the throttle plate. this is accomplished by hydraulic dampening of the throttle closing rate.----goes on to explain how the dashpot works and how to adjust it, but if you have an auto and dont have a carb with a dashpot that could be your problem...good luck......larry
i have a manual trans. is this mechanism on the exact oposite of the accellerator pump??? or is it kinda in the middle? cause there is a part that im not sure what it is and it looks like a bubble with a hole in it. thanks alot for the info.

ponyrider66 should be on the opposite side. You can use the Automatic carb on a Manual tranny. I am and it actually seems to work better...but that may also be because it is a pony carb.

so then do you guys have any idea what the problem could be??? also i noticed one thing when i was taking my carb apart i pulled off the fuel line off the filter and i think it came out of it but im not sure...but there was some pink stuff that came out... it was gritty but soft.

Did you change the filter? I installed a large, see-through unit in the rubber line leading to the fuel pump, after troubles with the puny unit on the carb. 8)
Sorry I was half asleep when i read your post and didnt realize you had a manual trans. Anyway it sure sounds like your problem may be the filter. that round bubble thing sounds like the spark control valve which would be located on the passenger side just above the throttle linkage. If there is no 1 1/2" square box behind that [towards the rad] with a lever from top to bottom and a big adjustment screw in the middle of the lever, you dont have a dashpot. The book I have on the 1100 says stalling-engine hot or cold 1-incorrect idle fuel mixture 2-engine idle speed too slow(fast or cold idle adjustments) 3-dirt water or ice in fuel filter 4-positive crankcase ventilation system malfunctioning or restricted 5-fuel lines restricted or leaking air 6-fuel tank vent restricted 7-leaking intake manifold or carb gaskets 8-carb icing(cold wet or humid weather) 9-incorrect throttle linkage adjustment to carb 10-clogged air bleeds or idle passages 11-defective fuel pump. Engine Hot Only 1-improperlyadjusted or defective dashpot 2-coolant control thermostat defective 3- excessive looseness of throttle shaft in bore of throttle body. If your carb has a dashpot and you think it may be defective there is a rod from the throttle shaft that operrates the lever on the dashpot. if you disconnect the rod it should eliminate the dashpot operation. Hope this helps. Good luck-----larry